Michel Polnareff: the admiral of French song in a few titles!

While the immersive exhibition Polnarêves is in full swing, Michel Polnareff is back in stores. In Polnareff sings Polnareff, the artist revisits twelve of his titles in a piano-voice version. The perfect opportunity to return in songs to this legend of French variety. Between provocation and genius. The doll that says no (1966) We are … Read more

A study examines the effects of sexually oriented song lyrics on teenage sexting behavior.

A news Computers in human behavior This paper analyzes the longitudinal and cross-sectional impact of sexting and sexually objectifying music lyrics on text-sexting behaviors among adolescents. Study : Associations between sexual music lyrics and sexting in adolescence. Image credit: Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com The hypersexual nature of music Dangerous and unrealistic sexual messages are commonly … Read more

This is the viral song that criticizes reggaeton singers


it all started in TikTokthen went viral on Twitter and now it has come up’the anthill‘: ‘Vocalizes’ the Mucha Pepper song who criticizes the singers who like rosalia, Quevedo either Bad Bunny they seem to enjoy doing songs where it is practically impossible to understand what the lyrics of the song say. The theme is … Read more

Enchanted: Every Song in the Movie, Ranked Worst to Best | Pretty Reel


Enchanted is one of Disney’s most underrated films of the 2000s, featuring an all-star cast and a truly delightful story that blends fairy tale fantasy with the real world. Finally, the beloved movie is getting a well-deserved sequel, Disenchanted, which hits Disney+ on November 18th. As fans prepare to explore the new world of Disenchanted, … Read more

The “ridiculous” of Toni Cantó covering the song from ‘La abeja Maya’: “It’s ashamed of others”


Related news Already before the premiere of his first program, when some scenes went viral, to toni sang criticism rained down. After he passed through the Spanish Office, signing his public affiliation to the third party where he had militatedthe also actor has launched to present his own show on 7NN. It’s about a late … Read more

Every Song In Weird: The Story Of Al Yankovic (And Who Sings Them) | Pretty Reel


Weird: The Al Yankovic Story features the music and public persona of “Weird” Al Yankovic throughout the film, including some of Al’s most famous parodies. The almost entirely fictionalized comedy tells the story of Yankovic’s rise from humble beginnings to become “perhaps not technically the best, but arguably the most famous accordion player in a … Read more

‘La Rosa de Guadalupe’: this is the parody song of “Me Chimba Meet You”

The Rose of Guadalupe became one of the most talked about and recognized Mexican programs on television. The format has lent itself to different reactions among the international public, due to the performances, the situations and the messages that it seeks to reflect with each story. In recent days, a recent and unexpected chapter of … Read more

‘La rosa de Guadalupe’: this is the parody song of ‘Me chimba meet you’


During the last days, the Mexican program the rose of guadeloupe It has been a trend in Colombia due to the performance of Ana Sofía Girmont in one of the episodes, which showed the life of a Colombian girl who arrived in Mexico, along with her family, and who suffered xenophobia from her schoolmates. It … Read more

The only Beatles song attributed to John Lennon and George Harrison


It is a well-established fact that most of the Beatles songs were written by John Lennon And Paul McCartneywho represented the creative force within the band. This doesn’t mean George Harrison and Ringo Starr weren’t important Indeed, Harrison wrote about 25 songs in the Beatles, including some of their biggest hits, such as “Here Comes … Read more

This is the parody of Shakira’s song ‘Monotonia’, “what he really meant”

In the last week, Shakira launched her most recent musical production, by the hand of reggaeton player Ozuna, a song that quickly became number one in musical trends on YouTube and exceeded 20 million visits. ‘Monotony’ is, according to many Internet users, the obvious description of how decadent his relationship with the Spanish footballer was … Read more