A colorful carnival workshop and a dignified quartet begin the battle of carnival songs

The troupe ‘Plastilina’ and the quartet ‘This quartet is divine’ stand out during the first preliminary of the singing contest JOHN SOTO Malaga Saturday, January 28, 2023, 15:54 Finally came the day. The Malaga Carnival has raised the curtain on the Official Singing Group Contest this Friday with a vibrant night. The eight groups that … Read more

Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo return to Tv8 at the helm of “Name that tune” | TV Smiles and Songs

One sings in the car at the top of his lungs, the other only does it in his head or in the stadium Solange Savagnone January 23, 2023 at 08:51 The video call with Cyrus Priello And Fabio Balsam it begins with their stolen kiss (on the cheek). “Got you!” i’m kidding. «Oh yes, we … Read more

Nick Cave doesn’t appreciate an AI trying to imitate his songs

Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Joni Mitchell, BTS and more are donating items for an auction to benefit Musicares. Julien’s Auctions charity auction, which will take place ahead of the 2023 Grammy Awards, features dozens of items, ranging from guitars signed by Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Fleetwood Mac to an exclusive BTS J-Hope outfit and … Read more

Our favorite songs reveal how we act in our romantic relationships

Drake or Rihanna? The Beatles or Metallica? What does listening to certain artists repeatedly teach us about how to navigate our relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners? According to researchers at the University of Toronto, our favorite songs or rather their lyrics provide insight into your typical attachment style and relationship behaviors. Attachment theory … Read more

TikTok, TV series and social media: 5 songs back in fashion during 2022

Thanks to social networks, even a song that hasn’t been successful can have a second chance. Even after years, decades. They call them viral phenomena because, although snubbed in the years of release, these songs reach success becoming real catchphrases perhaps thanks to a video on TikTok or a parody on Youtube or simply because … Read more

From “Summer Job” to “The Mystery of the Templars”, the new movies and TV series of the week | TV Smiles and Songs

What to see from December 14th to 20th on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Now and Paramount+ Matilde Gioli conducts “Summer Job” Smiles editorial team December 14, 2022 at 4:10 pm New movies and TV series to see during the week from 14 to 20 December on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Now and Paramount+. Netflix Summer … Read more

The spirit of Broadway in 6 songs | RCF

The Cinema Symphony is in the colors of Broadway and 100% songs this week. With Christmas approaching, it was a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of musicals and some legendary films. “Grease” (1978): John Travolta, Olivia Newton John and the Campus Madness California, summer 1958. The plot takes place in a high … Read more

Waka Waka and other Shakira songs from the World Cups were officially released by Sporify in Spanish

Waka Waka and other Shakira songs from the World Cups were officially released in Spanish. Photo: Instagram @shakira Shakira, one of the most internationally successful Colombian singers, she has not only played her music at her own concerts, events and programs in which she has been invited, but also He has sung in three world … Read more

Lorella Boccia and Clementino: «Proud of our “Made in the South” roots» | TV Smiles and Songs

From 18 April it will be their turn to conduct the Rai2 comedy show Barbara Mosconi April 18, 2022 at 08:47 The rapper Clementine and the dancer (although today more and more conductor) Lorella Boccia they meet for the first time on stage at “Made in South”the show of Rai2 which restarts the April 18th … Read more

Enrico Papi is back for the second time at the helm of “Scherzi a parte” | TV Smiles and Songs

“The study will be full of traps. We will repeat the joke live, but we have “raised the bar”. And among the victims we will have names… unattainable» reveals the conductor Solange Savagnone September 16, 2022 at 08:47 There is great excitement around Enrico Papi. The conductor talks to me on the cell phone and … Read more