“We are already big”: this is how a new version of ‘Sálvame’ sounds after RBD’s reunion

A few months after the start of “Soy Rebelde Tour” and fans of the emblematic telenovela released in 2004 can sing live with Maite Perroni, Dulce María, Christian Chavez and Christopher Von Uckermann, a new version of success Save me It went viral on social media. Rebelde actor criticized RBD tour: “For money and ego” … Read more

Bullfighters with flip flops: this is how the union of two of the most famous groups of the 80s sounds

They are musicians, yes. But also comedians. If anything characterizes the musical formations of Pepe Begines Y Pablo Carbonell it is his particular sense of humor that mixes intelligent irreverence with absurdity. And, how could it be otherwise, the paths ended up joining (or crossing, because they are still separate) and creating the fusion of … Read more

Celine Dion, Coco and the Flambeau… These sounds went viral on TikTok in 2022

SOCIAL NETWORKS – On TikTok, one trend chases another. There are so many that it is quite easy to forget them. Song, taken from movie or of seriesthe slightest sound is an excuse to make a video on this platform and can go viral through the magic of the internet. ” Annick is a circus … Read more