This is the American Space Army anthem and it’s ridiculous, again…

News hardware This is the American Space Army anthem and it’s ridiculous, again… Published on 09/22/2022 at 15:50 The US Space Force, created by Donald Trump, never ceases to surprise with the staging worthy of the series of the same name. Even to the point of wondering if it is not a parody, if only … Read more

The US Space Force makes a fool of itself again by presenting its official anthem

Decidedly, the US Space Force will have to work hard to build an image to match its ambitions. The least we can say is that the Space Force has been a little roughed up since its inception. This armed body specializing in space was one of the major projects of Donald Trump, a president known … Read more

How does Russia “militarize” the judicial space?


“A sham trial”, according to Amnesty International, in an article published on August 26. For several days, Russia seems to be preparing to deploy a court in Mariupol, a Ukrainian city scarred by the war under Russian occupation, to try Ukrainian prisoners of war. Under international pressure, the militarization of the judicial space becomes, for … Read more

Meme Coin space is supported by Dogecoin, Apecoin and Big Eyes Coin


Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn In the cryptocurrency market, there are different types of cryptocurrencies. One of the most well-known types is meme pieces, which are created from well-known jokes or online images. Other categories include play-to-earn tokens and DeFi coins. Online communities have played a significant role in the growth of some of these … Read more