UNUSUAL. “Women are as gifted as men”, word of Sylvie Couturier, sports shooting champion

Don’t be fooled by her smile and her curls, Sylvie Couturier from Lyon is a sports shooting champion. She has been practicing this sport since childhood. A formidable competitor who combines maximum concentration and mastery. Shooting is also an asset in her life as a teacher. We met her for VOST. Eyes that sparkle, a … Read more

Football: facing business, Noël Le Graët is expected this Friday at the Ministry of Sports

If the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra asked the 80-year-old leader and his general manager, Florence Hardouin, for a meeting that looks like a summons, it is to discuss “different subjects”, from the outbursts of supporters to the energy transition by attending the next World Cup in Qatar (November 20-December 18). But perhaps also because … Read more

“Mario Kart” or “Wii Sports”: when the controllers invite themselves to the retirement home


Reserved for our subscribers ReportageAt the Chenêts retirement home, in the town of Courbevoie, video game workshops are organized every week for residents. Marguerite is somewhat lifted. ” Stay there, you! He does not stop making the zouave, this one! “, she exclaims in front of a screen which broadcasts part of Mario Kart 8 … Read more