Paolo Rossi on stage in Treviso: «I love the theater of “resuscitation” gymnasium of follies»

The theater, for him, is «resuscitation», «emergency», courage to «embrace the chaos». Always remaining “on the side of lost causes”. Paolo Rossi he loves the more purely “political” theater, that of the “polis” which meets in one place, not necessarily the canonical one, to share something unique that comes to life only there, in that … Read more

Caprioglio, Vernia and Covatta: the big names on stage for the Treia theater season

SHOWS – Nine appointments on the calendar and four fabulous Sundays, designed for children and their families. The complete program of the bill, the head of the culture office Liliana Palmieri: «An articulated programming has been created, trying to confirm the balance between genres and languages» Deborah Caprioglio Feelings, comedy, reflection. The theatrical season of … Read more

World Cup. Like Saudi Arabia, these teams have achieved the feat in the group stage


It is the story of small exploits, sometimes short-lived, sometimes synonymous with epics, which forge the history of the world Cup. For its entry into the running in the 2022 edition in Qatar on Tuesday noon, Saudi Arabia, led by French coach Hervé Renard, achieved a great overturning Leo Messi’s Argentina (2-1). In twenty-two editions, … Read more

Pierre Brassard and the call of the stage


Pierre Brassard does not hide being inhabited by a certain nervousness a few days before the premiere of 2022 revised and corrected of the green curtain. Will this first participation in the series of end-of-year shows give him a taste of the stage? The comedian-animator-actor-designer has long cherished a project of first one man showbut … Read more

Concordia Theater: Elio Germano brings virtual reality to the stage, Solenghi and Nidi Ensemble the classics of Woody Allen


Elio Germano, Tullio Solenghi, Enrico Tesio: they are the great protagonists of the week at Concordia Theater of Venaria Reale. Three appointments, from Tuesday to Friday, to laugh and reflect. ALARM SIGNALTuesday 15 November, 9 pm “Warning signal” is a work that is both a play, a film and a virtual reality experience, one of … Read more

Thibaut Julian, A theater for the nation. History on stage (1765


At the end of the 18th century, France went through a succession of major upheavals, from the twilight of absolute monarchy to the Empire of Napoleon. The theater is experiencing unprecedented vitality reflected in the renewal of themes, genres and performances. In the wake of Voltaire and Belloy, many authors sensitive to the rise of … Read more

“Showtime. A big play»: The Bocal Project facing the big stage


Since 2013, the Bocal Project has established its unique niche through its irresistible quirky humor and originality. After bringing all its projects into the world in the cocoon of La Petite Licorne, the company founded by Raphaëlle Lalande, Sonia Cordeau and Simon Lacroix is ​​radically changing its environment for its new opus. Invited to do … Read more

At the Augusteo Theater on stage “La donna è mobile”


At the Augusteo Theater in Naples the first show of the 2022/2023 theater season is “La donna è mobile” by Vincenzo Scarpetta, from 28 October to 6 November 2022 The woman is mobile by Vincenzo Scarpetta – directed by Francesco Saponaro – ph © Pino Miraglia The Augusteo Theater of Naples, Piazzetta duca d’Aosta 263, … Read more

Interview with Luca Saccoia, on stage with Dr. Ferdinando Saraca in “La donna è mobile”


The actor and director Luca Saccoia he returned to the stage in the role of Dr. Ferdinando Saraca in the show “La donna è mobile”, by Vincenzo Scarpetta with the direction of Francesco Saponaro and with the arrangements and musical direction of Mariano Bellopede.The comedy in four acts, opened with great success the theatrical season … Read more

Teatro Augusteo, “The woman is mobile” by Vincenzo Scarpetta on stage from 28 October to 6 November


The Augusteo Theater of Naples, Piazzetta duca d’Aosta 263, opens the curtain for the first show of the 2022/2023 theater season: “The woman is mobile” from Vincenzo Scarpettadirected by Francesco Saponaro, from Friday 28 October to Sunday 6 November 2022. “La donna è mobile” is a musical comedy-parody of 1918, by Vincenzo Scarpetta, whose stage … Read more