Star Trek: 10 things newcomers to the franchise need to know | Pretty Reel

Star Trek is experiencing a bit of a revival in recent years. While the reinterpretation of the saga by JJ Abrams has taken cinemas by storm, on the television side, the series take place more than ever in this universe of science fiction. Many new fans will be connecting for the first time. But the … Read more

Karol Cariola: “We invite our fellow brothers from the Jewish community to all wear a Star of David on their clothes (…)”: #False


An alleged tweet circulates by deputy Karol Cariola where she calls on the Jewish community to wear a Star of David. However, the publication is false, since it comes from a parody account. In case you have little time: An alleged tweet by Karol Cariola is circulating on social networks, in which these sayings are … Read more

Sergio Aragonés sabotages Star Wars


Sergio Aragonés sneaks into the classic films taking advantage of the change from physical to digital recording methods made by Lucas at the end of the last century and participates in outstanding moments of the original trilogy: the destruction of the Death Star, training with Yoda and the final duel with Darth Vader; while … Read more

Ben Bailey Smith, the actor who shot a series of ‘Star Wars’ almost without knowing it: “I had never worked like this”


Ben Bailey Smith (London, 44 years old) plays one of the villains of Andorthe new series of starwars which Disney+ premieres on September 21. This is the penultimate reinvention of Smith, an artist who started out as a rapper, then became a stand-up comedian, has written several children’s books and now only receives offers for … Read more

Star Wars: What two deleted scenes reveal about the Empire


Posted on September 10, 2022 – HAS + The universe of Star Wars is relevant again with the series the Boba Fett book on Disney+. If it highlights the famous bounty hunter from George Lucas’ original trilogy, it’s worth coming back and looking at the movies. Specifically, the two deleted scenes from the … Read more

Series: review of “Mike: beyond Tyson”, by Steven Rogers (Star+)


The creative team of I, TONYA (I AM TONYA), the film that fictionalized the story of figure skater Tonya Harding, made up of screenwriter Steven Rogers and director Craig Gillespie (who directs the first four episodes of a total of eight here), is responsible for this miniseries about the Mike Tyson’s life narrated using a … Read more

The cult franchise “Star Trek” offers a show for its anniversary


2:00 p.m., September 9, 2022 If this Thursday September will henceforth be remembered in the history books as the day of the disappearance of Elizabeth II, for fans of series and science fiction, it is above all “Star Trek Day”, the anniversary day from the famous TV series. On September 8, 1966, American television viewers … Read more