Series in 2023: “The Last of Us”, the return of “The Mandalorian” and more promising stories

In recent years, competition between streaming giants has set the tone for entertainment, with companies like Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV + and Prime Video spending millions of dollars to get the best movies and series to add to their catalog. This strategy changed in 2022, where lower-than-anticipated financial results pushed most platforms into an … Read more

Tool. L’emozionante e impossibile organizzazione del caos | Stories

Il titolo migliore se l’è accaparrato giustamente qualche anno fa lo stesso Maynard James Keenan per la sua autobiografia romanzata, scritta a quattro mani con Sarah Jensen: ma A Perfect Union of Contrary Things è un’espressione azzeccata per raccontare anche la storia dei Tool e definire gran parte di ciò che hanno prodotto dal 1990 … Read more

10 worst sports movies based on true stories, according to Reddit | Pretty Reel

There are more fictionalized sports films than those based on true stories, and as such, fans hoping to be entertained by real events often have to dig hard. Well, right now they don’t have to, thanks to Netflix’s new biopic, Swimmers. The film follows Yusra Mardini, who was part of the Refugee Olympic Athletes (ROT) … Read more

Who is Art the clown, the horror movie character whose stories cause fainting and vomiting

Terrifier is an independent feature film written, edited and directed by Damien Leone. Art the clown is not just any character. Once we see one of his movies there is no chance of forgetting them. It’s not for everyone, delicate stomachs and people who are easily shocked shouldn’t go near the three films where he … Read more

Deauville: with Chais Elles, Carole invites the products and stories of winegrowers to our tables

By Marie-Madeleine Remoleur Published on 20 Nov 22 at 19:20 The Pays d’Auge See my news Follow this media Carole Gaillard is the founder of “Chais Elles”. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. grinder “In each bottle, there is the soul of a winemaker” , smiles Carole Gaillard. Lover of wines, admirer of female winegrowers and … Read more

Dungeons & Dragons: 10 Weirdest PC Stories, According to Reddit | Pretty Reel

Dungeons and Dragons is enjoying a resurgence lately thanks to The Legend of Vox Machina and Honor Among Thieves getting new seasons and movies. With this in mind, more and more people are joining the hobby and creating their characters. While the mechanics can be learned, it’s the role-playing aspect that proves the most fun … Read more

Presentation and readings of NUNATAK n°7, review of stories, cultures and struggles of the mountains La Parole Errante La Parole Errante Thursday, November 10, 2022

Presentation and readings of NUNATAK n°7, magazine of stories, cultures and struggles of the mountains La Parole Errante, November 10, 2022, Montreuil. Presentation and readings of NUNATAK n°7, review of stories, cultures and struggles of the mountains Thursday November 10, 7:00 p.m. La Parole Errante In an Inuit language, the term nunatak designates a mountain … Read more

The crunchy minimum and other stories of feline madness

In the recent British government crisis, one of the clearest ‘rumors’ about the singular anomaly of the political situation of the now former Prime Minister Boris Johnson came from a staff member who still works today at 10 Downing Street, London. An “insider” with a very clear identity, who spared no criticism and vitriolic jokes … Read more