Storm phenomena | The nebulous precipitations of meteorological jargon on television

It will be the fault of global warming, as they say, there are certainly no more beautiful snowfalls than once. Naked mountains, stopped ski lifts, goodbye winter sports. If at least we could say goodbye to “snowfall” too! Which could also be “snowy phenomena” or in the lighter forms “phenomena with a predominantly snowy nature”. … Read more

Fashion storm: Balenciaga booed for a pedophile campaign

Lonely children, one standing on a bed, the other on a sofa, hug, staring blankly, something that looks like a teddy bear, but harnessed with straps adorned with metal studs in an end setting. drunken evening. Harnesses that clearly allude to BDSM codes and accessories used in sadomasochistic practices. This is what Balenciaga proposed – … Read more

Netflix in the storm for gay Jesus in ‘The first temptation of Christ’. ‘Future’: “The Gospel mocks”

When he turns thirty, Jesus returns home with a special guest to introduce to his family, but he is greeted by a surprise party. Start like this The first temptation of Christthe “Christmas special” signed by the Brazilian satirical collective Porta dos Fundos which has sparked controversy in the Catholic world against the authors and … Read more

Tom Cruise is 60: how he went through the storm and resurfaced more stars than before

Today Tom Cruise turns 60, and thanks to Top Gun: Maverick is experiencing a real peak in his career. There was a time when Hollywood studios didn’t want to hear about him, when they canceled projects he was involved in and didn’t approve of projects he was even attached to. Canceled before cancel culture became … Read more