The story of Anna Acoleo becomes a theatrical show

CASTELFRANCO – He certainly didn’t think he was writing a play when he scribbled notes in the waiting room before getting chemotherapy. Anna Acoleo, well-known pianist from Castellana, she found a way to live those difficult moments from another point of view, not in first person but as a spectator of a story. Everything … Read more

“The story of Wanna Marchi to tell the Italy of the Eighties”

“Sell me this pen,” Wanna Brands like Leonardo Di Caprio, but she doesn’t know that question is a cult quote from Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street”. She simply has a product in her hands and driven by innate instinct sells it, along with surreal success benefits. Released a few days ago, the Netflix series … Read more

Wanna Marchi, from scams to TV series: the story and how much it earned


Virtually everyone knows his name, his history a little less. That’s why, in recent days, the television docu-series that tells the story of Wanna Brands and his daughter Stefania Nobile, aired on Netflix and full of unprecedented and explosive details. The queen of telesales served 9 and a half years of imprisonment between prison and … Read more

The story of the dramatic end of the series “Dinosaurs” | What exactly happened to baby Sinclair


One of the series of yesteryear that was known worldwide for its popularity was “dinosaurs”, an American installment that focused on the daily life of the Sinclair family, parodying the lifestyle of USA of the 90s and whose end, brought more than one tear to those who closely followed the adventures of this particular family. … Read more

This documentary tells about lesbians and their clothes, this great political story


Available for free on YouTube since September 16, 2022, the documentary “Living on the margins – The construction of lesbian identities through clothes and politics” hands the microphone to twelve lesbian people aged 17 to 27 who tell what the style of clothing represents for them and what is militant or not. What could it … Read more

“X: A Sexy Horror Story” forbidden to minors because it is too extreme


On the same day as its theatrical release in Italy, the Commission for the classification of cinematographic works appointed by the Directorate General for Cinema and Audiovisual of the Ministry of Culture decided to ban the film for minors. “The set of scenes in which one or more sensitive content is present, the tone and … Read more

Cobra Kai Season 5 Review: A Story That Doesn’t Disappoint Despite Its Simplicity


The fifth season of Cobra-Kai builds on the pillars of the first four, and while that may sound simplistic, it’s quite the opposite. The Netflix series managed to dig deep into Karate Kid to enrich its history. Characters from the past come and go. With them come their memories and possible plot twists. A recycling … Read more

The story of Wanna Marchi and its teleshopping


On September 21, it will be released on Netflix Wanna, a docu-series in four episodes that will tell the story of Wanna Marchi, a very famous and controversial Italian television personality in the Eighties and Nineties: one of the first Italian private TV salespeople. Wanna Marchi, who turns 80 on 2 September, had an exuberant … Read more

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, Daniel Radcliffe will star


The Harry Potter star will play the legendary singer, comedian and actor in a biopic. Production will begin next month for Roku. After the announcement, “Weird Al” Yankovic said he was “thrilled” by the idea of ​​being played by Radcliffe. “I have no doubt that this will be the role that future generations will remember … Read more

Salman Rushdie: The story of the writer that the most radical Islam wants to kill for a parody of Muhammad


Salman Rushdie returns to the present in a violent way after being stabbed in New York by a young man. After the attack, the writer is a hospital in Pennsylvania with assisted breathing. Rushdie, a Briton born in India, was the subject of Rafia by order from Iran, which urged any Muslim to end the … Read more