The resilient story of Brendan Fraser: he is nominated for an Oscar after going through an ordeal

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, brendan fraser He was a classic Hollywood heartthrob: he was 1.91 meters tall, had a hegemonic physique, and shone in successful films such as the well-remembered parody of Tarzan, George of the jungle or the trilogy of The Mummy. Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle Then his … Read more

” He is small, he is nice “: the true story of our song on N’Golo Kanté

Quick return, tac tac tac, until 2018. On the occasion of the World Cup, So Foot, in partnership with Parions Sport, then produced a daily video program, hosted by Thomas Thouroude. A pellet that we call, without going too far, FC Thouroude. We could also have called it the Sports Association of Thomas Thouroude’s friends, … Read more

How did the love story between Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Álvarez begin and why did they end? | The popular

In the last hours the name of Jorge Salinas has been the covers of different communication portals, since although all the mexican show business and international media thought that the actor had a stable and solid relationship with the also renowned actress elizabeth alvarezsome compromising images of Salinas with his a young woman, who is … Read more

‘Christ and the King’: the story of love and mistreatment between the tamer and the muse of uncovering

The life of Barbara Rey It has run between the first works in the cinema of the uncovering of a post-Franco Spain that began to shake off the taboos to her career as a feather and sequin starlet to end up being co-owner of a circus after crossing paths in her life angel christthe owner … Read more

‘Christ and King’, from the fairy tale to the horror story

Anyone who lived in Spain between the eighties and the beginning of the 21st century and turned on the television from time to time or bought a magazine, will have an idea formed about the protagonists of this story. They were at the top, fell in love quickly, and soon after, all hell broke loose. … Read more

Chicken or egg first? The ancestral dilemma reinterpreted in a “love story” key :)

We have all wondered at least once about that paradigmatic evolutionary mystery that tries to understand if the chicken or the egg came first; an enigma that, wherever you try to solve it, always presents short-circuits and inconsistencies. A bit like the loveone could say, and in fact, in this short cartoon – a sweet … Read more

Who is Donatella Raffai’s true story: age, where and when she was born, husband, children, illness, ex

Donatella Raffai (Rome, 8 September 1943) is an Italian television presenter and journalist. She is the second daughter of Admiral Antonio Raffai and Maria Jelardi, both of noble families, one from Veneto and the other from Campania, she is – on the maternal side – great-granddaughter of Senator Marquis Nicola Polvere. Born in Fabriano, where … Read more

The series that polarized public opinion even before it was released; ‘Scandal. Story of an obsession

From left to right: Fernando Líndez, Alexandra Jiménez; main actors and Aurora Guerra; creator of the series | Source: Ten Minutes Advertising On January 8, the trailer for the series was uploaded to the Mediaset España networks, announcing later that it would premiere on January 11 at 10:50 p.m. on Telecinco. It tells the story … Read more

The story of Rowan Atkinson, the comedian who became famous for Mr. Bean, a character who did not speak

Comedian Rowan Atkinson he built a good part of his prolific career hand in hand with a character who practically did not emit words. After the successful experience of Charles Chaplin in the early days of silent movies, Mr. Bean became a Show reference for the British public and, subsequently, his fame spread worldwide. The … Read more