Students slam the door of the committee on sexual violence

Three student groups representing 46,000 students at Concordia University slammed the door of the university’s Standing Committee on Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Violence. They denounce poor handling of cases of harassment and sexual violence on campus and a closure in the face of their ideas to improve things. “Concordia does not take our suggestions and … Read more

Zimbabwe. Crackdown hits students protesting tuition hikes at the University of Zimbabwe: five others were arrested on September 14

Authorities must drop lurid charges against University of Zimbabwe students peacefully protesting tuition hikes and uphold their rights to freedom of assembly and expression, Amnesty International has said. September 15, 2022. What a travesty of justice: these students are being taken to detention and into courtrooms simply for asking for an affordable education Lucia Masuka, … Read more

Controversy in Olavarría: students made a parody of Cristina Kirchner and made fun of the “planeros”


A student representation that took place in the city of Olavarria in the run-up to Spring Day ended in a great controversy: a group of students from the last year of the Monsignor Cesar Caneva School they made a sketch parodying the vice president Cristina Kirchner and in the middle of the performance they described … Read more

Mexico: Former attorney general will be tried for enforced disappearance and torture of 43 students


BANGKOK: Thailand’s Constitutional Court on Wednesday suspended Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha while it decides whether he can stay beyond the eight-year term in power set by the Constitution, opening a political crisis for some legislative election month. This body may take several weeks before deciding this legal knot which has put the capital Bangkok under … Read more

Iroise bridge, disabled students, hornet attack: midday update


Iroise bridge: ten nights of closure from August 29 in the Brest-Quimper direction The Interdepartmental Directorate of Western Roads (Diro) will carry out night investigations on the stay cables of the Iroise bridge, at the entrance to Brest. “This work will consist of carrying out checks on the structure’s stay cable sheaths to assess their … Read more

the festival conceived by students of Marco Polo

Second edition for July for Future, the Festival of Adolescentsto be held from June 27 to July 1, in the garden of the ITT Marco Polo in Florence. The idea started with Ludovico Arte, the Director of the second grade secondary school in District 4 of Florence, and immediately had the aim of giving children … Read more

Chills becomes “Limits”: the parody of students struggling with Mathematical Analysis 1


What happens when the biggest musical hit of 2022, Chills of Mahmood and Blancocollides with the despair of college students struggling with the exam session? “Limiti” is born, the perfect parody for those intent on passing the Mathematics Analysis 1 test but are repeatedly postponed and forced to study relentlessly. Some people had the brilliant … Read more