A study examines the effects of sexually oriented song lyrics on teenage sexting behavior.

A news Computers in human behavior This paper analyzes the longitudinal and cross-sectional impact of sexting and sexually objectifying music lyrics on text-sexting behaviors among adolescents. Study : Associations between sexual music lyrics and sexting in adolescence. Image credit: Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com The hypersexual nature of music Dangerous and unrealistic sexual messages are commonly … Read more

“Taranto and the fliaci”: the study day | MArTA

The works of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto come back to life and the theatrical masks of the fliaci, portrayed on the vases of the fourth century. BC, they become a scientific and artistic project dedicated to the study of museum sources and collections, to the training of young actors and to theatrical production. … Read more

Ig Nobel 2022 for a study that explains why the mediocre succeed


How is it possible that mediocre professionals rise while the most hard-working and intelligent remain completely ignored; why legal texts are always incomprehensible; what speed a constipated scorpion can reach or what fingers we use to turn a doorknob. These and other studies that try to shed light on fundamental questions of humanity have been … Read more

A study on the ritual application of enemas among the Maya distinguished with an Ig Nobel Prize


updated to September 16, 2022 12:16 · Reading: You are one click away from knowing the story better than anyone else. KNOW MORE Enjoy the special historical Atlas edition at a special price for being a subscriber. SEE MORE Everyone knows what Nobel prizes are. But there are also the so-called Ig Nobel prizes, … Read more

Perform (her) arrives in Galatina, residences, meetings and performances on the study of the human body


GALATINA (LECCE) – From 18 to 22 July the historic center of Galatina becomes a crossroads for international artists, scholars, curators and researchers, to give body and soul to PERFORM (HER), an ambitious cultural project that will unite areas of study and generations, with a polyphonic, inclusive and horizontal approach, curated and conceived by Domus … Read more