Beto Ortiz launches a parody about Sigrid Bazán in the same style as Shakira and Bizarrap [VIDEO]

MOCKS. beto ortizduring his program ‘Beto a Saber’ on Willax TV, his criticism of the congresswoman did not go unnoticed Sigrid Bazan and he dedicated a parody to it in the same style as the song by Shakira and Bizarrap against Gerard Piqué. The journalist assured that this is a tribute to the legislator. READ … Read more

Family guy in the style of an American sitcom from the 80s

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it has been possible to portray the characters of Family Guy and even make a great video of the intro of the series. There is no limit to what these Artificial Intelligences that generate images cannot do. On this occasion, and thanks to Forocars we have been able to discover What … Read more

Nick Cave calls ChatGPT’s song written in his style a “grotesque parody”

” This song is bullshit, a grotesque parody of what it is to be human “. These scathing words are from Nick Cave about a song created by chatbot ChatGPT “ in the style of Nick Cave “. The Australian artist spoke via his website The Red Hand Fileswhere he engages with his fans on … Read more

Premiere. Los Amados sing Gardel with their own humorous and tropical style

Carlos Gardel is an indisputable icon of tango, but his rich repertoire allows for different approaches. For example the one of The Beloved, which recreate some of his most famous songs to the rhythm of son, cha cha cha and candombe. A more tropical Gardel, let’s say. The show in which they throw themselves fully … Read more

Married with Children in the theater: the Argentos returned recharged and faithful to their style

Finally, the theatrical version of the hit comedy premiered at the Gran Rex, with the almost complete original cast and an experience that was lived like a party. A festive atmosphere, almost on the pitch, welcomes the Argentos at the Gran Rex in the theatrical debut of Married with children. The work, which had been … Read more

Sciure and fashion: a revolution with glamour? | style

Glamor and confidence exude from this photo by Mrs. Millicent H. Fenwick, 1970. Getty photo Nowadays the advance of age is seen as a tragic event, due to the unhealthy importance of the external appearance, but this does not apply to the “sciure”. We need to go back to the classical age, which rejected the … Read more

Film d’azione, i più belli da vedere | Style

Esplosioni. Inseguimenti. Salti. Tutto adrenalinico, rocambolesco, all’ultimo respiro. In questa foto ci sono tutti gli ingredienti di un buon film d’azione, il genere più amato e cinematografico. Da sempre. Dalle origini del cinema… Lui è Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). I film d’azione? Inseguimenti all’ultimo respiro. Salti nel vuoto, sparatorie, umorismo da … Read more

The Simpsons Hit & Run: the GTA parody with style to spare

The conscientious parents of 2003 certainly prevented (!) their underage children from buying the violent and irreverent GTA Vice City, but who knows how many will have informed themselves before giving their children a harmless Simpsons tie-in called Hit & Run. Sure, the game involved car racing around the city of Springfield, but how adult … Read more

Zootopia+, the fun style exercise from Walt Disney Animation Studios on Disney+

A miniseries of shorts, Zootopia+, based on the beloved animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, has landed on Disney+, let’s have fun and go wild with these six short, dazzling stories. One of the most intriguing achievements of Disney+ for the animation enthusiast it is having forcefully re-launched the form of short film made … Read more