The invisible boy: all the things to learn so as not to see them again in our superhero cinema

Of the possibility of redemption The invisible boy it doesn’t even have one, let alone its sequel, even more sketchy and shabby. But in the cinema no silver lining. You can learn a lot even from failures, just do a reverse engineering job. Starting from the mistakes, identifying them, and putting them in a sandbox … Read more

‘Unbreakable’ And 9 Other Superhero Movies That Aren’t Really Action Movies

It’s natural to think that a movie about a superhero (or superheroes) will be an action movie. In all honesty, the vast majority are, because having characters with superpowers can create plenty of thrilling action sequences and explosive settings. These are characters who often find themselves responsible for saving others – or even the entire … Read more

Amazon Prime Video: 6 superhero movies to watch if you liked The Boys

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12 Underrated Superhero Movies That Were Better Than The MCU Movies

Read the update As Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to begin with the highly anticipated first movie, ANT-The Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (February 17, 2023), it’s clear that there’s an enduring interest in MCU superhero movies. Fans looking for non-MCU superhero movies are in luck, because there’s always a wide … Read more

‘America needs a superhero’: Donald Trump showcases his very embarrassing collection of NFTs

The former US president presented a collection of virtual cards in a spot that borders on parody. Donald Trump ©BelgaImage This is “like a baseball card but much more exciting” and at $99 apiece: Donald Trump’s unveiling of a series of trading cards on Thursday drew sarcasm from his opponents and embarrassment from some supporters. … Read more

Mystery Men: the brilliant and forgotten superhero parody reappears on video

If it enjoys a certain popularity with the spectators who have discovered it, we cannot say that the latter are plethora. This is all the more depressing as Mystery Men had the misfortune of arriving on the screens too soon, when its subject and its treatment should have made it a cult film. Imperial cast, … Read more

Black Adam: 5 clichés that should be banned in superhero movies

black adam is a disappointment, and it’s partly because it’s a compendium of clichés that we don’t want to see in superhero movies anymore. OUR BLACK ADAM REVIEW As he has been boasting for months on Instagram, Dwayne Johnson lifted iron and buildings to put on the costume – without padding – of Black Adam … Read more

12 actors who turned down a superhero role to play another | Pretty Reel

With the release of Black Adam on October 21, Pierce Brosnan will don the superhero Doctor Fate, but, once upon a time, the Irish actor was offered a different DC role than Batman – only to turn it down! Brosnan shared this revelation in a Reddit AMA back in 2014, and it’s an example of … Read more

‘Harley Quinn’ is much more than the best superhero comedy in its season 3

Season 3 of ‘Harley Quinn’ has ended on HBO Max with a few episodes that have taken it beyond its usual rough and tumble parody of DC superheroes. With the relationship between Harley and Poison Ivy at the center, it has established itself as a fiction to be reckoned with. By Marina Such – 16 … Read more

“She Hulk is the antithesis of what it means to be a superhero”

“Inexperienced”, “confused”, “insecure”… are some of the adjectives with which Tatiana Maslany describes her character in She Hulk, the Marvel series about a young lawyer who, overnight, discovers and he must learn to live with his new superpowers, much to his chagrin. “She is a woman who is trying to get her life in order … Read more