Rennes comic book illustrator Stivo parodies the world of superheroes

At 43, Rennais Stivo, whose real name is Steeve Augier, is a fulfilled comic book illustrator. For the past few months, he has finally devoted all his time to comics. “I dreamed of becoming a designer since I was little. But, faced with the uncertainty of this profession, my mother had advised me to train … Read more

These hairy “superheroes” who accompany victims to justice

Amid lawyers’ robes and policemen’s uniforms, courtrooms will soon see more truffles, hairs and four-legged friends. This Tuesday, the Keeper of the Seals went to the court ofOrleans to meet two legal aid dogs. These hairy workers make it possible to help in particular the victims of rapes, attempted homicides and child abuse during legal … Read more

“Reluctant superheroes had to be a parody of Jason Bourne” [interview]

Philippe Lacheau and Julien Arruti return to the origins of their new film. Update of June 13, 2022: Whereas Despite himself superheroes is now available on DVD and blu-ray, a look back at the creation of La Bande à Fifi’s new comedy (Babysitting,…). At the beginning of the year, Philippe Lacheau and Julien Arruti … Read more

Tatiana Maslany: “’She Hulk’ is the antithesis of superheroes” | The USA Newspaper

Photograph provided by Marvel Studios of a scene from the movie “She Hulk”, where actress Tatiana Maslany appears in her role as She Hulk. EFE/ Marvel Studios / EDITORIAL USE ONLY/ ONLY AVAILABLE TO ILLUSTRATE THE ACCOMPANYING NEWS—A (CREDIT REQUIRED) Los Angeles (USA), (EFE).- “Inexperienced”, “confused”, “insecure”… are some of the adjectives with which Tatiana … Read more

Tatiana Maslany: “‘She Hulk’ is the antithesis of superheroes”

Xavier Romualdo Los Angeles (USA).- “Inexperienced”, “confused”, “insecure”… are some of the adjectives with which Tatiana Maslany describes her character in “She Hulk”, the Marvel series about a young lawyer who, overnight, discovers and must learn to live with her new superpowers, much to her chagrin. “She is a woman who is trying to get … Read more

The Boys: These Incredible New Superheroes Are Joining Season 4

After the success of season 3 of The Boys, Premium Video does it again with a fourth series of episodes expected in the course of the year 2023. To help fans wait, the satirical fiction presents his two new recruits, Sister Sage and Firecracker. What should you know about them? The Boys : a season … Read more

The Marvel and DC superheroes they were inspired to create ‘The Boys’

It is difficult to compete with the great productions of Netflix and HBO, but Amazon managed it in Prime Video thanks to TheBoysone of the most popular series on the internet and social networks. TheBoys is a superhero series based on the comic of the same name created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, which … Read more

Payback: meet the new team of superheroes that arrives in season 3 of The Boys

Tomorrow comes season 3 of TheBoys And I’m dying to see the first chapter. If you didn’t already know, It was revealed a few months ago that the name of this episode is “Payback”, which is also what it’s called one of the most famous groups of superheroes in comics. They will mostly be new … Read more

‘The Boys’ 3×07: the Amazon series shows the deepest traumas of superheroes and leaves a tremendous cliffhanger for the end of the season

It cannot be denied that ‘The Boys’ is right now the star series of Amazon Prime Video, and this third third season is being even more brutal than the previous ones, since it is not leaving a puppet with a head when it comes to exploring this hyperviolent parody of the world of superheroes. Unfortunately, … Read more