Twitter suspends the paid blue check: thousands of fake accounts and parodies

A pharmaceutical company promises free insulin, Tesla jokes about child labor and a Republican Mid-Term candidate gives up: the paid blue check generates chaos. The proposal: a new “Official” label There is the PepsiCo who finally gives up: «Coke is superior“, then George W. Bush who admits: “I miss killing in Iraq» (Tony Blair agrees … Read more

Musk suspends his great invention to finance Twitter before the flood of fake accounts

Former US President George W. Bush says that “I miss killing Iraqis” and Tony Blair, British colleague of the Azorean trio, has given him a like. OJ Simpson assures that he did it, while Lebron James asks the Lakers to sell it to the highest bidder and Nestlé confesses with a laugh that “we stole … Read more

Twitter suspends payment for verification after the chaos due to the avalanche of impostors

The pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly has plummeted more than 4% on the stock market this Friday after announcing on Twitter that insulin was becoming free. Only it wasn’t Eli Lilly. It was an account with that name verified by Twitter with the blue mark that it now grants those who pay $7.99 a month. The … Read more

“Comedy is already legal on Twitter”: The social network suspends accounts for making fun of Elon Musk

Comedian Kathy Griffin, whose verified account had two million followers, was one of those suspended. Elon Musk, who has described himself as a “free speech absolutist,” tweeted on Sunday, November 6, that “Twitter users who impersonate others without clearly specifying that it is a parody will be permanently suspended.” The h3h3Productions account, which changed its … Read more

Twitter suspends high profile accounts after introducing permabans for impersonation

A hot potato: From the moment he took over Twitter, Elon Musk has said he’s been a believer in free speech. But that pledge is in question after several high profile verified accounts were suspended, possibly permanently, for allegedly impersonating the world’s richest person. Yesterday, Musk tweeted one of the rules he’s implementing as Twitter’s … Read more

Morbihan. Jackdaws of the Tours: the administrative court suspends the prefectural decree

Morbihan Posted on June 14, 2022 Jiel, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons The animal defense association One Voice cries victory after having obtained the suspension of the decree of the prefect of Morbihan which authorized the destruction of 1800 jackdaws of the towers. This decision also concerns similar decrees issued in Finistère and Côtes … Read more