Tullio Solenghi takes Woody Allen to the theatre, but the result is not what he hoped for

To interpret Woody Allen it is a very complex thing, let alone bring it on stage, to the theatre. She tried Tullio Solenghi with his new show entitled “God is dead, and I don’t feel so good either“, on the stage of the Theater of the Marsi of Avezzano last January 31st. Considered, with good … Read more

Malheurs Actuels, the parody media dedicated to climate inaction takes off!

Malheurs Actuels will have its special magazine for this end of the year, in which we have already had the right to an editorial by Guillaume Meurice, columnist on France Inter. IN: What is Malheurs Actuels? Albin Wagener: it’s a bit like Gorafi vert, an independent, voluntary and parodic media dedicated to climate inaction. It … Read more

Adrien Quatennens takes the floor this evening to denounce “a media lynching” and refuses to resign, denouncing the ambient hypocrisy: “My private life has been on the air for 20 hours on BFM in 3 weeks!”

6:14 p.m.: Tonight The voice of the North published the first exclusive interview with the deputy, a few hours after the decision of his group La France insoumise to suspend him for four months and to reinstate him if he follows a “responsibilization course on violence against women with feminist associations”, as announced by the … Read more

GTA Online: Rockstar Takes Strict Measures Regarding NFTs, Lawyers Keep Watch

Game news GTA Online: Rockstar Takes Strict Measures Regarding NFTs, Lawyers Keep Watch Published on 30/11/2022 at 16:17 While players continue to track down every piece of information about GTA VI, GTA V continues its incredible career with over 170 million copies sold. A longevity which is partly explained by the quality of the single … Read more

Gravity Falls takes on the Avengers in the series’ most meta crossover | Pretty Reel

The cult classic series Gravity Falls is known for its clever humor, tight plots, and intricate lore, but in a comic book sequel, Gravity Falls becomes one of the meta-fictional pieces fans would ever see — and it does. does it all while the beloved main characters fight their version of the Avengers. Gravity Falls … Read more

Yucatan holds a unique soccer tournament in the country that takes place in a Social Reintegration Center

The soccer field of the Center for Social Reintegration (Cereso) of Mérida, was filled with emotion, colors and a great atmosphere for the start of the Mundialito Cereso 2022, the only soccer party that takes place in a Center for Social Reintegration in all of Mexico as a replica of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, … Read more

Martine Syms, the filmmaker who takes a scathing look at the art world

Item number October 26, 2022 Her production is protean, her inspirations know no bounds: Martine Syms is today a key figure in contemporary art, exhibited from London to New York. Unveiled at the New Directors festival in Portugal in April and then released in theaters last September, his latest feature film The African Desperate draws … Read more

The “government of dialogue” takes out fat Bertha from 49

“A blow of force!” Oppositions could not give more pleasure to power when they affected theatrically to be indignant. The latter even came close to ecstasy when the same people criticized him for “authoritarianism” when he had been accused until then of so lacking authority. It was therefore enough to have used this 49-3 so … Read more