Tampax faces strong criticism for tweet that ‘sexualizes women’

Tampax is facing backlash over a tweet that social media users have criticized and accused the brand of “sexualizing women.” You are in their DMs. We are in them. We are not the same,” the menstrual products company wrote Monday. The post is a parody from online slang”slip in the DMs“, which is when someone … Read more

“I would like to be your tampax”: the truth behind The Crown’s scandalous phrase

“Camillagate”, “Tampongate”, “Tampaxgate”: three names for one of the anecdotes more gory not only than the history of the Windsors, but the entire twentieth century. A scandal that strengthened the emotional and media impact of the love triangle composed by the then Prince Charles, Lady Diana and Camilla, relegating the figure of the latter to … Read more