Propaganda Live and Diego Bianchi? What a pity the red teacher

Luke Beatrice November 18, 2022 With the right in government, it was to be expected that satire would regain altitude, sharpen its claws to show itself as fierce as it had been at the time of the Berlusconi. Even if time passes, actors and times change, for television humor the workhorses always remain the same … Read more

“Amioe. The cörsivoe manual”: the book by Elisa Esposito, “cursive teacher” on TikTok, is debated

For weeks, in early summer and then in the following months, there was talk of “italics“, That cadenced and drawled spoken, similar to a chantwhich parodies the Milanese accent e that has depopulated first on TikTok and then outside the platform, generating many opinions and controversies. The face most associated with this trend, which was … Read more

Drag queen in the parish theater, director of religion teacher

Turin at the forefront of promoting the LGBT agenda: in the parish theater of Vinovo it goes on stage Sister tac, parody of the famous film starring a drag queen in nun’s clothes. Directed by the professor of Religion and former seminarian. The parish priest apologizes: “A provocation, I didn’t watch out.” Meanwhile, parodying holy … Read more

New York teacher denounces travesty of our public school system

What is an end-of-school-year exam for? New York State looks uncertain. A teacher has published a detailed expose proving that a child can pass the New York Regents Algebra Exam by simply guessing all the C’s. Ed Knight weaves a great story on Medium of a student named River who finds himself in legal trouble … Read more