At the Teatro di Ittiri the pièce “Era l’oladola?” by Daniele Monachella and Carlo Valle

Saturday 4 February on the stage of the “Comunale” the lucky comedy finalist at Roma Comic Off 2018. ITTIRI. Meditate and have fun? That is the question. Indeed no: with the brilliant Shakespearean comedy “Was it the lark?” one can laugh and reflect at a brisk pace traveling on the terrain of the absurd and … Read more

Giorgio Panariello at the Teatro Lirico, double sold

Two evenings already sold out for some time at Giorgio Gaber Opera House and the need to add a new date to the Arcimboldi Theatre on March 13. The comedy of George Panariello is preparing to overwhelm Milan with La favola mia, a show born in 2020 with the intention of celebrating the 20th anniversary … Read more

Today on stage in Cagliari “The Puss in Boots” of the Teatro d’Inverno

The Extraordinary Adventures of “Puss in Boots” in the version of Winter Theater, todaySunday 29 January, at 6pm to the Intrepid Monelli Theatre Of Cagliari for the fourth appointment with the XX edition of “The Theater of Wonders”, the historic review dedicated to young people and families organized by the Actores Alidos Theater with the … Read more

For the review the “Thursday Stand Up Comedy” Gennaro Scarpato on stage on January 26 at the Teatro Sancarluccio.

Advertisements Full Heads Comedy and Teatro Sancarluccio present the “Thursday Stand Up Comedy” Advertisements new appointment with Gennaro Scarpato in “Alone Solitudes Soliloquies” Thursday 26 January 2023 At Sancarluccio Theatre via S. Pasquale, 49 – Naples – start at 21:00 presale ticket euro 12+2 euro dp from 20.00 ticket at the cash desk euro 12 … Read more

Interior Bernhard / Performing Arts/Prose Teatro Argentina / Ludovico Cantisani /

Internal review Bernhard. Roberto Sturno and the 92-year-old Glauco Mauri stage two monologues by Thomas Bernhard, in an anti-classical reflection on the classic. Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Artaud: three tutelary deities of a certain grandeur open the show Interior Bernhard, placed like a triptych to watch over the scene throughout the first act. Inspired by two prose … Read more

Roberto Piumini, a writing workshop at the Teatro Sociale

In the Season Day of the Social Theater of Como dedicated to schools, among the interesting shows scheduled, there are also meetings for teachers, educators and trainers: among these, Friday 20 January, at 16, Roberto Piuminipoet and storyteller, e Pia Mazzaanimattrice, will give life to Manzoni Theatrea writing workshop that starts with some readings from … Read more

‘Daughter of the Moon’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Elektra.25’ and ‘Ay, Carmela’, in the week of the Teatro Principal

ALICANTE. The Principal Theater of Alicante programs five shows for this week with music, ballet, theater and zarzuela. This Wednesday, January 18, at 9:00 p.m., he arrives at the Principal Daughter of the moon, the best tribute to Mecano. A show based on the record Sunday restthe most important and sold in the history of … Read more

Thursday Stand Up Comedy: Solitudes soliloquies Teatro Sancarluccio

Mario Ventre Dating January 16, 2023 Full Heads Company and the Sancarluccio theater in Naples present a new date for the “Thursday Stand Up Comedy” with Gennaro Scarpato: the appointment is for Thursday 26 January 2023 at 9 pm. “In a dystopian Middle Ages, Dr. Carlo Lemai is the first case in the world of … Read more

Rocinante Teatro: a great start for 2023

Several reruns of “Wannsee” scheduled for the day of remembrance On February 19 debut of the new show entitled “I promessi Storti” MERATE – After the conclusion of the sixth edition of the “Città di Merate” National Theater Festival on 3 December with excellent success with audiences and critics, Rocinante is back in the starting … Read more