5 characters that shone on Mexican television and in this 2022 they would be canceled

Although many call “crystal generation” to those people who have tried to cancel or ban some programs, television series or movies that today would be inappropriate to have a society of respect and inclusion, the reality is that there are currently characters that have been canceled this year due to their behaviors inappropriate. It should … Read more

Spanish Television once again ignores Encarna Sánchez, the most influential announcer of the entire 20th century

Spanish Television once again belittles the figure of Encarna Sánchez. The program ‘Lazos de sangre’ pays tribute to the radio with three men (Iñaki Gabilondo, Carlos Herrera and Luis del Olmo) and ignores the women communicators. The truth is that the relationship of the Almeria announcer with the state chain became rare after the broadcast … Read more

The 10 most terrifying doctors of cinema and television

Because it is such an important profession, doctors are often chosen as the protagonists of fictional stories. The Healthgrades portal made the list titled 10 Scariest Doctors in TV and Movies. In this ranking of terrifying doctors appear from famous movie stars to cartoon characters. Medicine is traditionally one of the best viewed and valued … Read more

Julie Andrieu: “The vegetable garden is a subject that has never been treated on television”


INTERVIEW. – The host is launching her new program “Les potagers de Julie” on France 3, in which she takes a close interest in growing vegetables. With global warming and ecological problems, planting a vegetable garden has never been so fashionable. Following this momentum, Julie Andrieu launches the program “Les potagers de Julie” every Saturday … Read more

Sandra MONDAINI: one of the cornerstones of Italian television


Credits: @ Fabu022 Sandra Mondaini His father, Giacinto, was a Milanese painter, draftsman and humorist, he knew many of those who wanted to make their way into the world of entertainment: so, for her, getting into the great variety bandwagon wasn’t that difficult. Sandra MONDAINI: one of the cornerstones of Italian television # He approached … Read more

Evil’: season 3 of the supernatural series expands its mythology and establishes itself as the best horror television fiction of the decade


The King marriage series is back, which has broken any expectation that can be placed on a horror product. ‘Evil‘ season 3 comes to the SyFy channel with its usual mix of humor, social issues, unsettling tension scenes and non-one-dimensional characters that plays with the rules of the genre without taking it too seriously, but … Read more

Television. Kendji Girac, proud to be the spokesperson for the fight against illiteracy


You knew Kendji Girac, star of the music scene, now you will know Kendji Girac, the screen star. For his first role, the 26-year-old artist plays the main character of the fiction ”Champion”, directed by Mona Achache and broadcast this Monday, September 5 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1. This TV movie tells the story of … Read more

Cinema, Giuseppe Tornatore reissues ‘Il Camorrista’ for television


A glorious past that is the heritage of Italian cinema, more than 1500 titles with masterpieces such as La Ciociara and Il Gattopardo, in 118 years of history. “It’s a new restart”, said excited President Guido Lombardo who is the latest generation of the founders of Titanus, the oldest film company in the world (together … Read more

Burkina Faso: the head of the junta removed from office, announce soldiers on television


Screen grab from a video broadcast by state television RTB showing putsch spokesman Captain Kiswendsida Farouk Azaria Sorgho reading a statement, in Ougadougou, September 30, 2022. PA Burkina Faso experienced a second coup in eight months on Friday, September 30: Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, who came to power in a putsch at the end of … Read more

Jesús Font, the jump from television series to Netflix with “Hollyblood”


Celia Aguero Pereda Santander, Sep 18 (EFE).- The film and television series director Jesús Font (Barcelona, ​​1960) has gone from directing great series such as “El Commissioner”, “Caronte”, “Gavilanes” or “All men are equal “, to place his latest film, “Hollyblood”, as one of the ten most viewed non-English speaking films in the world on … Read more