What are they and how did the viral “dabloons” of TikTok come to be?

Dabloons are the fictitious currency that is exchanged for fun on TikTok (Tiktok/@thedarioshow, @offical..dabloon..fbi and @millos999) In TikTok trends emerge every day, but none had created a “own economy” within this social network until the arrival of the dabloonsa fictitious currency with which you can do all kinds of exchanges just for fun. My Chemical … Read more

TikTok: qué es, cómo funciona, trucos y cómo ganar dinero con tus vídeos

TikTok es, posiblemente, la red social que más éxito tiene ahora mismo en el mundo y cuyo auge ha sido tremendo en los últimos años. Aunque muchos consideraban que iba a ser una red social de nicho, lo cierto es que la expansión está siendo tremenda. Es una aplicación que han descargado millones de personas … Read more

The entrepreneur of Number One idol of TikTok: “How many absurd requests from artists”


Hi, I am Steven Basalari and I am the owner of the dance club Number One of Corte Franca, province of Brescia. This is how Steven opens his videos on TikTok, where it garnered 350,000 likes in just a few months. The profile is dedicated only to Number Onethe famous dance club family’s. On Instagram … Read more

“Amioe. The cörsivoe manual”: the book by Elisa Esposito, “cursive teacher” on TikTok, is debated


For weeks, in early summer and then in the following months, there was talk of “italics“, That cadenced and drawled spoken, similar to a chantwhich parodies the Milanese accent e that has depopulated first on TikTok and then outside the platform, generating many opinions and controversies. The face most associated with this trend, which was … Read more

Religious videos explode on TikTok


Several religious use the social network to evoke their faith, in videos which are very successful, reports “Courrier international”. By ThePoint.fr Boston nuns, a London imam and an American Orthodox Jew, Shaolin monks from Yan Qin… More and more religious are using the TikTok social network to show their faith to their followers. (illustrative image) … Read more

The viral parody on TikTok with songs by Alejandro Sanz that has hallucinated the artist: “I don’t believe it…”

The art of the master Alejandro Sanz passed from father to son. And it is that there are several generations that have grown up with the songs of the artist from Madrid and his melodies do not understand fashions: they are eternal. Proof of this is that a few hours ago, thanks to a viral … Read more

Brunella Horna parodies her viral interview with Tini on TikTok: “I love it”

Brunella Horna parodies her viral interview with Tini on TikTok: “I love it.” | TikTok Although many consider that Brunella Horna is not prepared to be in the leadership of a television program, the model continues to fulfill her work in ‘America Today’so on different occasions he has taken to the streets to conduct interviews. … Read more

Viral TikTok: Halle Bailey reacts to Honduran parody of The Little Mermaid (VIDEO)

Being TikTok one of the social networks that lend themselves most to comedy through challenges and parodies, a user and his followers did not believe that one of the most mediatic actresses of the moment responded to a peculiar video in which part of the trailer of the new film is recreated live action “The … Read more

Why read “One day this pain will be useful to you” (the new “rediscovery” of TikTok)


Back in the limelight thanks to word of mouth booktoker and social reviews that do not fail to include it among “the best reading tips of 2022”, more than ten years after its first publication (2007) Someday this pain will be useful to you from Peter Cameron (Adelphi, translation by Giuseppina Oneto) is confirmed in … Read more