Sir Tim O’Theo, the parody of Sherlock Holmes from Bruguera publishing house

VALENCIA. you open a Super Bologna today and it’s hard not to feel a thrill brought on by Proust’s cupcake moment. Not an emotion to remember the past, it is emotion because that was a party. Excitement. Short, easy-to-read, light, very funny comic strips passed before your eyes, with endless characters, each one more outrageous. … Read more

Tim Burton Movies You Should Rewatch

Tim Burton has left his mark on contemporary cinema. With his own dark universe, the prolific director has managed to gather a wide audience with his numerous films mixing musicals, animation and blockbusters. An unconditional reader of Edgar Allan Poe, he owes his success to his personal imagination, his bromance with actor Johnny Depp and … Read more

Haim, Tim Robinson & Jack Black: The 7 Best ‘Documentary Of The Moment’ Guest Stars You Forgot

Despite everything they teach us, documentaries can be boring. They can be too stuffy, so convinced of their own disruptive ability, and too pretentious. For each Amy Where gray gardens, there are a lot of important fluff not worth anyone’s time. But there’s one unstoppable force in the genre that’s almost always a hit, and … Read more

Tim Summer Hits 2022: stages given advances second episode | Style


It is the music show of the summer, by Rai 2. And they are its conductors. Tim Summer Hits 2022 is back tonight in prime time, with the second appointment live from Piazza del Popolo. Led by Andrea Delogu and Stefano De Martino. And the guests are many. Press office photo Summer, music time. On … Read more