Blonde, Morbius and Tom Hanks nominated several times at the Razzie Awards

The young heroine of Firestarter is among the worst actresses, at only 12 years old. Every year since 1981, the Razzie Awards ceremony rewards the worst of American cinema. This parody of the Oscars, thought to amuse moviegoers, is however the regular target of strong criticism, and its creators have ended up canceling prizes or … Read more

Recensione story | Ammazzavampiri di Tom Holland

Home » Cinema » Horror & Thriller » Recensione story | Ammazzavampiri di Tom Holland Voto: 8/10 Titolo originale: Fright Night , uscita: 02-08-1985. Budget: $9,000,000. Regista: Tom Holland. 09/12/2019 recensione film Ammazzavampiri di Sabrina Crivelli Nel 1985 usciva nei cinema il film con Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale e Amanda Bearse, dissacrante horror comedy che … Read more

Elvis : la controverse derrière le colonel Tom Parker expliquée | Jolie Bobine

Le biopic musical de Baz Luhrmann, Elvis, explore la carrière du chanteur éponyme, menant à sa mort tragique, et l’un des personnages qui a provoqué une bonne controverse est le manager d’Elvis, le colonel Tom Parker. Le portrait de Tom Hanks Tom Parker a suscité pas mal de controverses lors de la sortie du film. … Read more

Tom Holland and Zendaya may be planning to get married

Tom Holland and Zendaya may be planning to get married Tom Holland Y zendaya they are young, famous, rich and loved all over Hollywood. Thanks to their work in the film and television industry, they have built a solid reputation, becoming highly followed global icons on networks. Some days ago, US Weekly reported that the … Read more

As Good As Dead: trailer and previews of the action film with Michael Jai White and Tom Berenger

From December 16 will be available to stream in the United States As good as deada new action film of the hard and pure ones starring the rocky Michael Jai White, who is also a screenwriter, supported by veteran Tom Berenger. As Good As Dead – Plot and cast The official plot: Bryant (Michael Jai … Read more

Tale and Which Show live October 7: Antonino triumphs again with Tom Walker

Second episode for the show dedicated to imitations. Fourth judge Serena Bortone, played by Barbara Foria. Friday 7 October airs on Rai 1 the second episode of Such and Which Show, conducted by Carlo Conti . They make up the cast Elena Ballerini, Rosalinda Cannavò, Samira Lui, Valeria Marini, Alessandra Mussolini, Valentina Persia; Andrea Dianetti, … Read more

Director Tom George Shares His Experience Fronting “Watch Them Run” | TELEVITES

This Thursday, October 20, it can be seen in theaters “See how they run”, the comedy-mystery film that marks the directorial debut of Tom George and follows Inspector Stoppard (Sam Rockwell) and Police Constable Stalker (Saoirse Ronan) as they investigate a murder in the heart of 1950s London’s West End. At a theater in that … Read more

The Sandman: Internet users bewitched by the charisma of actor Tom Sturridge (Opinion)

This is the event series for this month of August! Long awaited,The Sandman“ has finally been released on Netflix in this Friday, August 5, 2022 and has already caused a lot of ink to flow about it. It must be admitted that its first trailer had already quite impressed the fans of the comic strip … Read more

The Mummy (TF1): Tom Cruise insisted on filming in a plane in free fall

Released in 2017, The Mummy inaugurated what was to be the Dark Universe, a new franchise, launched by Universal Pictures, supposed to replace the monsters of horror cinema from the 1930s to 1950s (werewolf, Dracula, etc.) in our society, and thus compete with Marvel superheroes . This feature film was a public and critical failure. … Read more

Arnaud Ducret in all its states: risky bet for TF1 on the beaches of Mourillon (Toulon) with Audrey Fleurot, Ragnar le Breton, Tom Villa, Samuel Bambi…

This Tuesday August 16, 2022, one week after the final of Superman and Lois , Arnaud Ducret will take control of TF1 prime time. With Arnaud Ducret in all its forms , the comedian and humorist will offer parodies, sketches and various performances in the company of several guests. This entertainment, produced by DMLS TV, … Read more