Totò, Peppino and … la dolce vita / The principles of laughter are back on Rete 4

Totò, Peppino and… la dolce vita, a Rete 4 film directed by Sergio Corbucci Totò, Peppino and… la dolce vita will be broadcast today, 10 September, starting at 4.50 pm on Rete 4. We are faced with a comic film produced in Italy in 1961 by Mario Mariani and Gianni Buffardi, directed by Sergio Corbucci. … Read more

Totò, Don Quixote’s heir. The lost film becomes a comic

From a cinematic treatment that never landed on the set to the return on paper, in images and words. The project that the Prince of Laughter would have wanted to carry out and which he never carried out lives a new life thanks to Fabio Celoni’s pen and pencils. “Totò united Italy more than Garibaldi”. … Read more