Test: What job is made for me according to my personality traits?

Which profession is made for me – the question often arises. There are actually professions that simply correspond to certain psychological characteristics. We then suggest that you take this little test based on the diagrams of Paul D. Teeger. And who knows! Maybe you will finally discover your calling. Look at the categories below and … Read more

Psychology: The 10 character traits of a strong personality!

Having a strong personality is not an easy thing, especially when life is constantly testing our character. However, it is not the ordeal itself, but rather our attitude towards it that makes us unshakable. Fortunately, strength of character is something that can be learned and trained. Discover the 10 character traits of a strong personality … Read more

Starfield Character Creator Includes Optional Traits, Skill System That “Combines The Best” Of Previous Bethesda Games

Fans finally got their first meaningful look at Starfield, and in addition to new details about space exploration and combat, players now know how character creation and skills work in Bethesda’s new RPG. As part of the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, Starfield game director Todd Howard described Starfield’s character designer as the studio’s “most flexible … Read more