“Let’s take… the road again” tribute to Giorgio Cavazzano and Federico Fellini

“Riprendiamo…La Strada” is a multimedia show based on the comic parody of the famous film by Federico Fellini, starring Giulietta Masina and Antony Queen, winner of the Academy Award in 1956. In the story, drawn by the Venetian master Giorgio Cavazzano and published on the 1991 “Topolino” in homage to the great … Read more

TopoPrincipe, Augusto Macchetto: “A tribute to a masterpiece, with humility and courage”

Rome – The flight of a dream is also that of an airplane. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a motorized biplane or a simple banknote folded like an airplane. A lightness that is typical of a child’s imagination, not only of the one who listens to the stories but also of the one who creates … Read more

The cancellation of the tribute to Sophie Bessis: a drift towards the prohibition of all free speech!

Petition signed by the LDH The tribute that the Maison de Tunisie Foundation in Paris, in collaboration with the Committee for the Respect of Freedoms and Human Rights in Tunisia (CRLDHT), had initially planned to pay on December 9, 2022 to Sophie Bessis, committed Tunisian historian and intellectual, internationally recognized both for her works and … Read more

One Piece, the Japanese Navy pays tribute to the marines and the “justice” of the Admirals: it is controversy

Home Anime & Manga One Piece, the Japanese Navy pays tribute to the marines and the “justice” of the Admirals: it is controversy Of Marina Flocco – January 4, 2023 Among the various factions existing in One Piece, since the beginning of the work we have been able to see how one of the most … Read more

Rai Play pays tribute to Ugo Tognazzi with the Tognazzi à la carte anthology

Exactly thirty years ago, it was October 1990, he left us Hugh Tognazzi. The RaiPlay digital platform pays tribute to him by publishing Tognazzi à la carte. It is an anthology that traces the career of one of the most talented actors in Italian cinema. Ironic, sagacious and polemical, he was the protagonist of unforgettable … Read more

The Simpsons, in the Halloween Special a tribute to Death Note. VIDEO

In the Thirty-third edition of “La Paura fa Novanta” a segment inspired by the Japanese animation masterpiece will be included. And we will see Lisa, Marge and Homer as we’ve never seen them before… Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on show news Halloween is approaching and with it, inevitable, the Simpsons horror … Read more

Vivienne Westwood: tribute to the queen of punk fashion! That’s why she is considered a legend

In 1958 when he was seventeen, Vivienne Westwoodborn in a village in the county of Derby in England on April 8, 1941 (her father worked as a warehouse worker in an aircraft factory), leaves the jewelery course she is following at Harrow Art School after just one semester. «I didn’t see any chance for a … Read more

“Once upon a time”, the beautiful tribute paid to the monks

While France never stops dechristianizing, the monks continue – if not to make people dream – at least to intrigue. Hence this magnificent special issue of Current valuesnicely titled: “The monks, once upon a time”. The architect, Arnaud Folch, is not known to haunt sacristies. And yet, he says, “My father makes frequent retreats in … Read more

Remembering Franco Franchi: RaiPlay and Rai Storia’s tribute to the great actor

Thirty years ago, on December 9, the great Sicilian actor Franco Franchi died. An unforgettable character to whom – on Friday 9 December – Rai Storia and Rai Teche are dedicating a special tribute. On Rai Storia, at 12.00, the episode of “Ieri e oggi” of 7 June 1980 is re-proposed, presented by Luciano Salce, … Read more