Very true 17 and 18 September, guests: Renato Zero, Elodie and Victoria Cabello in the studio

Silvia Toffanin, who, like last year, leads a double weekly appointment, interviews Gabriel Garko. Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September, from 16:30 on Channel 5the first two episodes of the new season of very true. The program is conducted, as usual, by Silvia Toffanin. Both appointments are visible, live and in streaming, from the website … Read more

Le Grand Restaurant: impossible to have 10/10 in this true or false quiz on the film with Louis de Funès

Published on September 23, 2022 2:00 p.m. By Virginie Incerto Of all the films with Louis de Funès, do you really know The Grand Restaurant (1966)? With our true or false quiz in ten questions, we will see immediately if the potato soufflé swells or falls easily! IF THIS QUIZ IS NOT DISPLAYING CORRECTLY FOR … Read more

Everything Everywhere All at Once: Review in the True Multiverse of Madness


Taxes and dragon Evelyn Wang starts her day very badly in the family laundry. Her husband Waymond is considering divorce, his daughter resents him for not accepting his girlfriend, and her father is visiting the United States, carrying in his luggage all the blame he can throw at his child’s face. emigrated. However, all this … Read more

Nope: Is the story of the chimpanzee Gordy inspired by a true story?


The scariest scene of Nope, Jordan Peele’s new film recently released, is not about aliens or building tension between human beings. It is an unexpected moment compared to the center of the film, which is shown to us at the beginning and then in a chilling central sequence. We are obviously talking about Gordy, the … Read more

“Only Murders in the Building” and the true crime podcast in Argentina


Charles, Oliver and Mabel They are three strangers who live in the Arconia in New York. Although at first glance they seem to have little in common, they are united by the same passion: true crime podcasts. But the mystery is much closer than they imagine: there is a murderer on the loose inside his … Read more

The Gorafi, the truer than true humor business


Do you know the “passive scroll”? Surely you have already practiced it. It’s about scrolling the content of your social networks while being amorphous, some can spend hours there, without even realizing it. In this excess of laziness, few things attract your attention, with the possible exception of a site curiously resembling that of a … Read more

Fall of the Draghi Government: citizenship income true breaking point. And that government contract that …


Paradoxically, looking at the glass half full, the vote of no presence in the Senate is the best guarantee to preserve the political authority (now more than ever) of Draghi, his history, his prestige and, finally, his eventual return. Ninety-five votes supported, in the Senate yesterday, the “Casini resolution”In favor of the outgoing Premier. The … Read more

The portrait of the Duke, the incredible true story behind the film with Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren


From today in the rooms a wonderfully inspiring story, The Portrait of the Duke, which tells the story of a well-known theft of art by an unlikely thief, played by Jim Broadbent. Also in the cast is Helen Mirren. The portrait of the Dukein cinemas from March 3, last fiction direction of the late lamented … Read more

Is it true that Mattel released a “pregnant” Ken doll?


With statements such as “this normality is abnormal” or “how far are we going to go” it spreads on social networks such as Facebook Y Twitter and in websites a video in which a “pregnant” Ken doll can be seen. The recording is shared assuring that the toy manufacturing and distribution company Mattel has launched … Read more

Decazeville. Instant science: disentangling the true from the false

Following the proposal of “Instant Science”, a scientific mediation “Science or Infox” provided by the speakers of the association “Carrefour des Sciences et des Arts”: Annabel Foucault and Lillian Stanton took place recently in the Lycée la Discovery, with Valérie Leroux professor of expression communication and Stéphanie Mas professor of Biotechnology. This intervention for the … Read more