“I would like to be your tampax”: the truth behind The Crown’s scandalous phrase

“Camillagate”, “Tampongate”, “Tampaxgate”: three names for one of the anecdotes more gory not only than the history of the Windsors, but the entire twentieth century. A scandal that strengthened the emotional and media impact of the love triangle composed by the then Prince Charles, Lady Diana and Camilla, relegating the figure of the latter to … Read more

Dostoevsky understood that the truth is always discovered in the dark

Nabokov’s treacherous compliments to the “crocodile”: an author with identifiable flashes of humor not pursued; or the great Russian writer as a good “without his knowledge” He must also have been a gloomy and repetitive interior designer (every hovel is the same hovel, and they are always and only hovels, while between one and the … Read more

Lady Diana how she died: truth in the work that upsets England


Lady Diana and Dodi Al Fayed died on August 31, 1997. A musical that makes the Crown tremble on the conspiracy theory appears. On the 25th anniversary of Lady Diana’s death, a play tells the weeks before the Princess and Dodi Al Fayed’s road accident. Speaking about the premiere at Anglesey Beaumaris Festival, composer Lisa … Read more

A prop epic to avoid an unbearable truth


A French illustrator, in his sixties and disenchanted, resentful of his wife and perplexed by this world crossed by new technologies, receives a strange gift: his son signs him up for a “time travel”, an original service provided by a company run by an ineffable filmmaker for high-end clients. This peculiar company uses theatrical techniques … Read more

Welcome to Liguria: how much truth is there in the typical Ligurian welcome?


“Welcome to Liguria” is a very funny video, starring Eleonora Musso, a young artist from Rapallo. In short, if it is strong on YouTube where it has put together thousands of views, it is not by chance. Welcome to Liguria is a parody on the classic Ligurian welcome towards tourists who come to the Riviera … Read more

“The truth of Xanaxtasia”: Peruvian film presented official trailer and confirms release date


the hilarious peruvian comedy Focused on the uninhibited and outspoken drag queen and icon of the LGTBQI+ community, Xanaxtasia, entitled “The truth of Xanaxtasia” will be available in our country virtually from Thursday, July 14 in what will undoubtedly be one of the most irreverent premieres and fun this year. The national film is a … Read more

“My opinion, your truth”, Pablo Mira and his “react” character live on TMC

From his “paradoxical” relationship that he maintains with the news was born 10 years ago “Le Gorafi”, this anagram of “Figaro”, specializing in the parody of information. Pablo Mira has since rolled his bump in the biggest radio stations in the country like France Inter or RTL and has held numerous chronicles on Canal +. … Read more

Dubbing actor shows what advertising would be like “if I told you the truth”

The advertising of some commercials does not always tell the truth and this voice actor has sought a way to prove it. Many of his videos have a satirical tone, parodying some events and scenes from popular culture movies. TikTok was listed as the fastest growing social network in history, this in part thanks to … Read more