“Until money do us part”: which actors do you share with “I am Betty, the ugly one”?

“Until the money do us part” has been among the most watched non-English-language fiction on Netflix in the last five weeks. The Colombian comedy is in the Top 10 along with another production from the same origin: “Café con aroma de mujer”. The difference is that the cast of the first one has two actors … Read more

Lidl to sell “ugly” fruit and vegetables affected by drought

He already defended 8 years ago Intermarché his “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables”, those less-than-favorable fruits and vegetables but equally healthy for consumption. In an attempt to curb food waste, the supermarket chain dedicated an advertising campaign to them in which the graphics featured deformed apples, lemons or aubergines. Now the cause and the leading brand … Read more

“The most beautiful ugly”: what has become of the cast of Angélica Vale’s telenovela?


Angélica Rivera and Jaime Camil starred in “La fea más bella” in 2006. Photos: AFP After the success of the Colombian series “Yo soy Betty, la fea” in Mexico, a version was made with a Mexican cast starring Jaime Camil and Angelica Vale. The telenovela was called “La fea más bella” and figures with extensive … Read more

Tic et Tac the Rangers of risk: how Disney could afford Shrek, South Park and Sonic ugly?


In Tic et Tac les Rangers du risque, Disney multiplies the references and the easter-eggs, even if it means making fun of characters that do not belong to it. With its meta humor and its ten references per minute, Tic and Tac the Risk Rangers stands out as one of the good surprises of this … Read more