Parodies of Shakira’s song, a joke that could be expensive for ‘influencers’ and other users of social networks?

The release of Shakira’s new song in collaboration with the composer and DJ Bizarrap became an explosive phenomenon on digital platforms. The topic BZRP Music Sessions #53surprised millions of netizens in the world by having a letter loaded with darts against Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía. Despite the fact that the musical work was released … Read more

30 years of cult programs – internet users are rediscovering “Le Juste Prix” and demanding the return of Vincent Lagaf and Gérard Vives

On the occasion of the last issue of “30 years of cult broadcasts” devoted to the decade 2010-2020, Internet users rediscovered “Le Juste prix” and the famous duo composed of Vincent Lagaf and Gérard Vives. (TF1 screenshot) This Saturday, June 25, TF1 broadcasts the third and last issue of “30 years of cult broadcasts”. For … Read more

Mocked by Internet users, this scene from “Emily in Paris” at McDo is not so far from reality

In the Netflix series, we can see Emily enjoying a McBaguette in an ultra-chic and airy McDonald’s restaurant, where traditional paper packaging has given way to reusable dishes. A green shift that will come into effect in all fast-food restaurants in France from January 1, 2023. Sstudio of 40 square meters, breathtaking view of the … Read more

“It comes to spank the elites”: this film available on Netflix which excites critics and Internet users

With Glass Onion: a story at loggerheads, director Rian Johnson once again hit hard. The film available on Netflix since this Friday, December 23 with Daniel Craig in the skin of the investigator Benoît Blanc is unanimous on Twitter. The continuation under this advertisement Netflix gave its subscribers an early Christmas gift by unveiling this … Read more

Aurélie Preston harassed in Les Anges : this old column of Mag de NRJ12 which revolts internet users

In 2016, Aurélie Preston participated in Les Anges 8 on NRJ12. A real nightmare for the young woman who has experienced harassment from other candidates. On Instagram, the former reality TV participant unveiled an old extract from the Mag proving the relentlessness to which she was subjected. Aurelie Preston has definitely drawn a line under … Read more

Alain Chabat: this famous program resurrected in the Late which delights Internet users

Monday November 28, 2022, TF1 broadcast a new issue of Late by Alain Chabat. In the latter, the host received Marina Foïs, Alice Belaïdi, Fred Testot and Gérard Darmon, the opportunity to revive a famous program, which did not leave internet users unmoved… For two weeks, TF1 broadcasts a brand new program, The Late with … Read more

Les Inconnus: the special program on TF1 is a disaster, Internet users flabbergasted (33 tweets)

Last night, TF1 produced a special show with the famous comedians well known as “The unknown”, composed of Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Legitimus. The three accomplices find themselves in an alternate reality where everyone has forgotten them. On paper, the idea wasn’t so bad, and yet it turned into real disaster according to … Read more

Diane de Poitiers on France 2: “There’s nothing that goes”, “Everything is missed”, “Outdated realization” … Internet users descend the historical series

France 2 broadcast last night the first episodes of “Diane de Poitiers”, an ambitious series directed by Josée Dayan with Isabelle Adjani. Internet users were very disappointed by this historical fresco. France 2 launched yesterday evening with great fanfare the broadcast of the first two episodes of Diane de Poitiers, its new historical series directed … Read more