VII edition of “Atletica del Cuore” with performances, workshops and conference

The seventh edition of Atletica del Cuore begins with a performance act (December 16, 2022), continues with workshops (February/March 2023) and ends with the conference day (April 1, 2023). The word that inspires the stages of the journey is End. As always, the word limits itself to delimiting a field of action of thought and … Read more

‘The queens of uncovering’ (VII): Azucena Hernández, the actress who fought for euthanasia

Azucena Hernández was one of the youngest actresses to succeed in the world of uncovering. She made her debut at the age of 18 and in only eight years of her career she came to shoot 23 films. Her road to stardom ended after a car accident on October 19, 1986 that left 90 percent … Read more