10 More Violent Romance Movies To Watch After ‘Bones And All’

Being in love can sometimes be a brutal thing, and the pain of a romantic relationship is often avoided in your ordinary romance movie. It may be easier to watch something that is clearly Hollywood and unrealistic, even if it means suspending your disbelief in order to see an idealized version of love. RELATED: A … Read more

Release dates, actors, etc. All about Violent Night, the new film with David Harbor (Stranger Things)

news culture Release dates, actors, etc. All about Violent Night, the new film with David Harbor (Stranger Things) Published on 20/11/2022 at 12:50 Did you feel sorry for David Harbor who plays Jim Hopper, Chief of Police of Hawkins, in Stranger Things? Do you now want to see it in a new light? No worries, … Read more

‘The King of Toxic Masculinity’: The Andrew Tate scandal, violent influencer who hates women


Facebook and Instagram have just announced that they have banned influencer Andrew Tate because of his many shocking comments. Teachers giving the alert on the words of their students, worried parents, exasperated activists… In recent days, a name has not stopped coming back on social networks. Andrew Tate, an influencer accustomed to controversy, has just … Read more

Violent demonstrations in Conakry: 17 police officers injured


Three leaders of a collective in Guinea were charged and imprisoned Thursday for “contempt of court” before a trial scheduled for Friday in Conakry, where their supporters defied the junta’s ban on demonstrations, protesting against their arrest. These demonstrations, which began Tuesday evening, are among the first since the military came to power in a … Read more

Guinea: 17 police officers injured after violent demonstrations


Seventeen police officers were injured, one of them seriously, after violent spontaneous demonstrations on Tuesday and Wednesday in Conakry which followed the brutal arrest of three leaders of a collective, Guinean police said on Wednesday (July 6th) in a press release. Clashes between security forces and groups of young people erupted in suburban neighborhoods of … Read more

Why Amber Heard is the target of violent attacks on social networks


Actress Amber Heard, called to testify in early May in the trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, has since been the target of violent mockery and her word is called into question on social networks. On TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, it’s a real lynching. The videos, sketches or memes mocking Amber Heard, are numerous and … Read more

He slammed a woman’s head on the ground in a restaurant: the floor evokes the homophobic nature of the violent attack

“Capable does not mean guilty. This quotation formulated by Mr. Druart sums up perfectly well the legal situation, to say the least unfavorable, of David, his client. Convicted on multiple occasions by the courts for acts of violence (attempted murder, assault and battery, etc.), the man is not appearing for the first time before a … Read more