Jennifer Coolidge is going viral with her hilarious parody of Jenny From The Block

Jennifer Lopez helped Jennifer Coolidge create her first TikTok epic on Thursday when she saw the beloved White Lotus star sing a parody of her hit song Jenny from the Block. The returning queen, 61, has garnered a massive social media following for her TikTok debut, more than making up for the lackluster comments plaguing … Read more

Érika Zapata, the Caracol reporter, is already a viral phenomenon; she now she appeared competition

Érika Zapata has become one of the reporters for Snail News that generates the most reactions on social networks, because some viewers consider that his style is original and others that his particular way of exposing the news is a mockery, because his comments are accompanied by paisa sayings and expressions. Despite the fact that … Read more

Celine Dion, Coco and the Flambeau… These sounds went viral on TikTok in 2022

SOCIAL NETWORKS – On TikTok, one trend chases another. There are so many that it is quite easy to forget them. Song, taken from movie or of seriesthe slightest sound is an excuse to make a video on this platform and can go viral through the magic of the internet. ” Annick is a circus … Read more

«Evil be like», why these memes have gone viral and how to create them

Twitter and Instagram message boards have been invaded by “negative” images of celebrities parodying themselves. But memes can be replicated with any photo, even personal ones Started from the United States, the social avalanche of memes with the phrase «Evil…be like» (which we could translate as «May evil be like…») it has also landed on … Read more

What are they and how did the viral “dabloons” of TikTok come to be?

Dabloons are the fictitious currency that is exchanged for fun on TikTok (Tiktok/@thedarioshow, @offical..dabloon..fbi and @millos999) In TikTok trends emerge every day, but none had created a “own economy” within this social network until the arrival of the dabloonsa fictitious currency with which you can do all kinds of exchanges just for fun. Dorito, the … Read more

Double of Bruce Willis goes viral by imitating the ‘What are you looking at, fool?’ of Messi

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The viral parody of El Marginal that came to Netflix

The viral parody of El Marginal that came to Netflix (Video: Instagram) “the marginal? I have no idea, crazy, I know the franginal”they wrote together the platform for series and movies and the comedian fran gomez on their Instagram accounts. There they shared a video with a parody of the popular series starring Nicolás Furtado … Read more

Who are the actors who appeared in The Depp’s viral video in “The Boys”

The long awaited and controversial episode “Herogasm” of the third season of “The Boys” is now available for Prime Video users to view. However, what resonated the most on social networks was not the explicit sexual scene, but a parody of a celebrity video involving Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in the dc universe. … Read more