A viral video compares the education of before with that of now: the experts answer

That the world has changed in the last 30 years is a no-brainer. It has done so in many aspects and, among them, if there is something that does not escape this evolution, it is education. How has it changed in these decades? And most importantly: on what issues? Recently, a video made by tiktoker … Read more

What are they and how did the viral “dabloons” of TikTok come to be?

Dabloons are the fictitious currency that is exchanged for fun on TikTok (Tiktok/@thedarioshow, @offical..dabloon..fbi and @millos999) In TikTok trends emerge every day, but none had created a “own economy” within this social network until the arrival of the dabloonsa fictitious currency with which you can do all kinds of exchanges just for fun. My Chemical … Read more

This is the viral song that criticizes reggaeton singers


it all started in TikTokthen went viral on Twitter and now it has come up’the anthill‘: ‘Vocalizes’ the Mucha Pepper song who criticizes the singers who like rosalia, Quevedo either Bad Bunny they seem to enjoy doing songs where it is practically impossible to understand what the lyrics of the song say. The theme is … Read more

Toni (le) sang the 40 to Echenique and Iglesias for their jokes against the viral video of their program


More information Toni sang It’s setting social media on fire. The former director of the Spanish Office of the Community of Madrid This November 14 became a trending topic of Twitter for part of the monologue he did on his program channel 7NN This Saturday, November 12. After criticizing the Government of Pedro Sánchez, the … Read more

The viral parody of El Marginal that came to Netflix


The viral parody of El Marginal that came to Netflix (Video: Instagram) “the fringe? I have no idea, crazy, I know The Franginal”they jointly wrote the platform for series and movies and the humorist Frank Gomez on their Instagram accounts. There they shared a video with a parody of the popular series starring Nicolás Furtado … Read more

The viral parody on TikTok with songs by Alejandro Sanz that has hallucinated the artist: “I don’t believe it…”

The art of the master Alejandro Sanz passed from father to son. And it is that there are several generations that have grown up with the songs of the artist from Madrid and his melodies do not understand fashions: they are eternal. Proof of this is that a few hours ago, thanks to a viral … Read more

Brunella Horna parodies her viral interview with Tini on TikTok: “I love it”

Brunella Horna parodies her viral interview with Tini on TikTok: “I love it.” | TikTok Although many consider that Brunella Horna is not prepared to be in the leadership of a television program, the model continues to fulfill her work in ‘America Today’so on different occasions he has taken to the streets to conduct interviews. … Read more

Viral TikTok: Halle Bailey reacts to Honduran parody of The Little Mermaid (VIDEO)

Being TikTok one of the social networks that lend themselves most to comedy through challenges and parodies, a user and his followers did not believe that one of the most mediatic actresses of the moment responded to a peculiar video in which part of the trailer of the new film is recreated live action “The … Read more

Correcting exams before vs now: the viral video that all teachers should see

The first years of life, especially those who are in the educational stage between Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and Secondary Education They are very important in personal development. They are vital periods in the school environment, both academically and socially. What is learned, experienced and shared in these years, forges the personality in a … Read more

Carlos Chavira parody viral video of Anahí and her enfrijoladas


Young people between 16 and 24 years of age are the users who use the Chinese social network the most today. Since 2021, TikTok managed to finally exceed the barrier of one billion users globally. On TikTok, Carlos Chavira has an audience of 2.8 million and a cumulative audience of 32.9 million. Carlos Chavira, who … Read more