DIRECT. War in Ukraine: Vladimir Putin signs a law providing for up to ten years in prison for surrender or refusal to fight

Find here all of our live #UKRAINE 3:56 p.m. : According to the Kremlin, the President of Russia has also signed a law which facilitates access to Russian nationality for foreigners who enlist for a period of at least one year in the army, at a time when Moscow seeks by all means to recruit … Read more

MAP. War in Ukraine: kyiv continues its counter

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky granted this Friday, September 23, 2022 an exclusive interview to West France , in partnership with other media. From kyiv, he notably returned to the situation in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats and the partial mobilization in Russia. On the ground of the conflict, in Ukraine, “referendums” of annexation by Russia … Read more

War in Ukraine, day 209: Macron denounces a “return to the age of imperialism” at the UN tribune


► The invasion of Ukraine is a “return to the age of imperialism”, accuses Macron before the UN Emmanuel Macron accused Tuesday, September 20, at the rostrum of the United Nations General Assembly, Russia of having provoked a “return of imperialism” having invaded Ukraine. “What we have been witnessing since February 24 is a return … Read more

To object, as we know and can, with calm decision against the war


Dear manager, it is possible to accept the continuation of the ongoing global war, devastating not only for Ukraine but for much of the world, for the hungry peoples, for the environmental and nuclear risks, for millions of families who are impoverishing and falling into misery (also in Italy), for the serious damage caused to … Read more

War in Ukraine, day 183: 25 dead in a strike on a train station, kyiv wants to create an international tribunal


► Ukraine wants an international tribunal to judge Russia’s aggression next year In the seventh month of Russia’s war against Ukraine, kyiv intends to create an international tribunal next year to try Vladimir Putin and those responsible for the invasion of the country, revealed a senior Ukrainian official. This plan for the creation of this … Read more

New York’s progressives have spawned a bloody war on the streets


New York’s progressives have spawned a horrific war that is taking place not just on ideological fronts, but on the streets – and with real casualties. Yet what progressives fail to admit is that these victims are not just numbers on a spreadsheet; they are real people. On August 13, New York added another name … Read more

War in Ukraine: on the internet, these anti


Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, many accounts that had hitherto stood out for their anti-vaccine activism against Covid-19 on social networks, are now multiplying publications supporting the Russian cause. The phenomenon is – no doubt – not quantifiable but it is one of the major current trends in the world of conspiracy. … Read more

‘The Orville’, the parody of Star Trek that enters fully into the cultural war of the 21st century


Opinion Victor EstebanMadrid 08/06/2022 9:47 a.m. Still from the series ‘The Orville’seth mafarlane The science fiction series enters fully into all the controversies of the cultural war that is being waged in the West Created by Seth Macfarlane has just finished its third season on Disney + From a science fiction perspective, it addresses issues … Read more