Heat waves, drought, fires: the results of summer 2022

Drought, heat waves, storms… What exactly are the different factors involved in these phenomena? Could they have been better anticipated? Is this summer exceptional, or does it foreshadow a new climatic norm? The combination of high temperatures, low reserves of water stored in groundwater, and lack of precipitation, partly explain these exceptional episodes. Let’s come … Read more

Mirko made a funny imitation of Marcela Tinayre’s famous audio: “With the worst of the waves”

Mirko imitated Marcela Tinayre’s famous audio “Look, I’m going to go, but I’m going to go with the worst of waves; Banqueme with the worst of the waves”says part of the popular audio that he sent some time ago Marcela Tinayre in a private chat on WhatsApp and that it ended up going viral, to … Read more