Karol Cariola: “We invite our fellow brothers from the Jewish community to all wear a Star of David on their clothes (…)”: #False

An alleged tweet circulates by deputy Karol Cariola where she calls on the Jewish community to wear a Star of David. However, the publication is false, since it comes from a parody account. In case you have little time: An alleged tweet by Karol Cariola is circulating on social networks, in which these sayings are … Read more

TANK TOP trend: how to wear the white unisex t

Loewe, Prada, Bottega Veneta… There are several firms that have opted for the classic white cotton t-shirt this season. Yes, the one that our grandparents bought in the neighborhood haberdashery and proudly wore under their shirt poplin Sky Blue. However, now the undershirts are worn on sight, with jeans and an open shirt, under a … Read more