We call her Trinita: return to the cult sequence of “western fayots”

In “We call her Trinity”, a parodic masterpiece of the spaghetti western released in France in 1971, Terence Hill swallows a large plaster of beans in record time. A sequence that has become cult, and for which the actor has done in authenticity … We call her Trinitymasterpiece of parody In France, it was in … Read more

Strong warning from Western powers to Russia’s plan to annex Ukraine territory

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a Security Council meeting via video conference in Moscow, Russia, Friday, September 9, 2022. BRUSSELS.- Leaders of Western powers criticized the recent announcement of referendums in four breakaway regions of Ukraine supported by Russia, in what they considered a new “provocation” of the Kremlin that violates “international law” and the … Read more

Proofpoint: Cyber ​​espionage, TA453 launches a series of attacks against several Western personalities, all specialized in the analysis of public policies in the Middle East


Proofpoint cybersecurity researchers have published new intelligence on the activities of the TA453 group, a threat actor linked to the Iranian state, and also known as “Charming Kitten”, “PHOSPHORUS” or “APT42”. . The group has been observed targeting individuals specializing in the analysis of public and political affairs in the Middle East, nuclear security and … Read more

Best Western Horror Movies, Ranked | Pretty Reel


The Western horror genre is often considered one of the rarest and rarest in the film industry. These unique films combine classic horror movie tropes with traditional western movie setting, creating a mix that is sometimes eerie, sometimes campy, but always entertaining. Here are the best western horror movies of all time, ranked. 10 Tremors … Read more

Roccacinema 2022 ends with a flourish in the name of Western Spaghetti with a tribute to the legendary Bud and Terence


Two timeless protagonists of Italian cinema will be protagonists on Thursday 1 September of the final evening of “Roccacinema”, the summer festival of Castiglione del Lago in the evocative location of the Medieval Fortress: in fact, the final evening is dedicated to Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Lagodarte Impresa Sociale … Read more

“Islamism wants to destroy the individual freedoms at the heart of our Western modernity”


As painful as it is to write it, Salafist jihadism, the attacks we have experienced since 2012, are not the greatest imaginable danger to the health of our democracy. Our forces of order in general and our elite units in particular will always come to the end of one or more furious people who will … Read more

Per un pugno di western: la breve stagione degli “spaghetti


La fortunata stagione del cosiddetto western all’italiana (o spaghetti-western, per utilizzare un’altra terminologia entrata nel lessico comune) iniziò ufficialmente nel 1964, allorché un certo Sergio Leone, sino ad allora (poco) noto per aver realizzato, qualche anno prima un “peplum” dal titolo Il colosso di Rodi, sbancò i botteghini italiani incassando con Per un pugno di … Read more

Will the new Barbie movie relaunch the western aesthetic?


The shots stolen from the set of Barbiewhich portray a Margot Robbie and a Ryan Gosling in retro-kitsch cowgirl and cowboy versions, they didn’t take long to make the rounds of the web. The two very blond protagonists of the live-action film signed by Warner Bros. will bring the most iconic variations of the Mattel … Read more

War in Ukraine: the sending of Western troops is “a red line” not to be crossed for the spokesman of the Russian embassy in France

Russia commemorates, Monday, May 9, the defeat of Nazi Germany in the Second World War while the country is still at war in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin leaves the threat of the use of nuclear weapons in the framework of the conflict. The spokesman for the Russian Embassy in France, Alexander Makogonov, questioned on Monday … Read more