“Women should be able to go down the street without fear of being treated as if they were in the Congress of Deputies”

The dearest day has arrived! Vieeeeerneeeeees!!!!! pic.twitter.com/IQJj0QP5GL —Cat (@CatWomanProject) November 25, 2022 Plus black friday. Now yes, good offers. I’ve come across a couple of things like that. pic.twitter.com/zkZbvgPAeF – Manu González (@manugonzalezmar) November 25, 2022 How much money are you going to spend? When Black Friday rolls around… and you look at your checking … Read more

UNUSUAL. “Women are as gifted as men”, word of Sylvie Couturier, sports shooting champion

Don’t be fooled by her smile and her curls, Sylvie Couturier from Lyon is a sports shooting champion. She has been practicing this sport since childhood. A formidable competitor who combines maximum concentration and mastery. Shooting is also an asset in her life as a teacher. We met her for VOST. Eyes that sparkle, a … Read more

Tampax faces strong criticism for tweet that ‘sexualizes women’


Tampax is facing backlash over a tweet that social media users have criticized and accused the brand of “sexualizing women.” You are in their DMs. We are in them. We are not the same,” the menstrual products company wrote Monday. The post is a parody from online slang”slip in the DMs“, which is when someone … Read more

In Nîmes, orange ribbons to eliminate violence against women

An orange ribbon now adorns the balcony of the Hôtel de Ville in Nîmes. The City of Nîmes wanted to mark the occasion ahead of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Awareness activities will take place throughout the week. At the stroke of 11 a.m., Mylène Mouton unveiled the giant orange … Read more

Falling prey to the devil’s feminist angle is failing women


In many ways, prey for the devil is a fairly classic possession film: a demon possesses a vulnerable person (in this case, a child); scary stuff happens; Warriors of God must figure out how to exorcise the demon. Looking only at the rough outline, it’s pretty much interchangeable with much better movies like The Exorcist … Read more

Checco Zalone, at the start “Love + Iva”: the new show about migrants, women and even Putin

the event NoonNovember 7, 2022 – 4:18 pm It will be back at Palazzo Wanny in Florence on 8 November, already 100,000 tickets sold through the Ticketone platform alone. Of Prime Minister Meloni he said: I was positively impressed by the ability to communicate from Carlo Testa There is the story of a lady who … Read more

Carlos Álvarez prepares parody of the Minister for Women after being criticized for imitating the first lady


Carlos Álvarez will imitate the Minister for Women. (Photo: Composition) Carlos Alvarez announced through its social networks that it will present an imitation of the Minister for Women, Diana Miloslavich. But, this publication on his social networks was made just a few hours after being harshly criticized by said ministry for his recent parody of … Read more

After the death of Mahsa Amini in Iran, “it is women who are at the front of the demonstrations, it is unprecedented”


“Death to the Islamic Republic! » Iran has been angered by protesters since the September 16 death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who fell into a coma after being arrested three days earlier and detained by morality police on the grounds that she wore clothes “inappropriate”. Activists as well as his family ruled his death “suspicious”but … Read more

jm | Words from women and men who refused “the unacceptable”


The “Words of Liberation Fighters” Twitter account – nearly 83,000 subscribers – is behind the 22e work of its administrator, Jean-Christophe Notin. The opportunity to discover the paths and faces of 500 Resistance medalists, including several Haut-Marnais. As a teenager, Jean-Christophe Notin had a dream. That of “meet the great figures of the Resistance”. And … Read more

Iranian women and the middle finger of freedom


Thomas Legrand’s post At the risk of their lives, the young demonstrators waved their middle fingers to tell the political and religious authorities to “go fuck themselves”. This supreme transgression is a sign of rallying to our values, those of the free world. The finger of honor of young Iranian women to the address of … Read more