Razzie Awards, all the nominations on the worst of the film season

The nominations for the next Academy Awards will be announced on Tuesday the twenty-fourth of January: as per tradition, they come the day before spread the nominations for the Razzie Awards, the awards that celebrate the worst of the film season that has just ended. Founded in 1981 by John JB Wilson with the name … Read more

The 5 worst movie performances in 2022

If anything distinguished 2022, it was the way in which cinema regained all its appeal. Whether it was in theaters or on the platforms of streaming, the return of high-calibre and enormous quality productions was evident. From extraordinary stories with a leading technological section, to sensitive dramas that moved the audience. Although we are not … Read more

Every Grinch Movie Ranked From Worst To Best (Including The Mean One) | Pretty Reel

In the decades since Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas was published, there have been several movie versions of the Grinch – here’s each one, ranked from worst to best. Released in 1966, the first film was the iconic animated adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ children’s book. Later, in 2000, Jim Carrey’s first Grinch-featured live-action … Read more

The 10 worst series of the year 2022: from bad to worse

We are close to finishing 2022 and we have already had big premieres on tv. However, not all proposals have satisfied the public expectations and others they have been a complete disaster. Therefore, here we have selected the worst series of this year. Many of the TV shows have actually been released through streaming platforms … Read more

Liverpool, Italy: the best and worst Italian covers of the Beatles | Rolling Stone Italy

Just over a month ago Baldini+Castoldi published an interesting volume edited by Enzo Gentile and Italo Gnocchi: The Beatles made in Italy. All the Italian covers of the Fab Fourcollection and narration of 132 titles (and related covers) from 1963 to 1970. That of Beatles rereadings is a story in constant evolution, as demonstrated by … Read more

BERLIN / ‘The Flying Dutchman’: parody of the worst kind

BERLIN / ‘The Flying Dutchman’: parody of the worst kind Berlin. Komische Opera. 27-XI-2022. Wagner: The Flying Dutchman. Günter Papendell, Jens Larsen, Daniela Köhler, Brenden Gunnel. Music Director: Dirk Kaftan. Stage director: Herbert Fritsch. “Do not touch!”is shouted twice in this new production of The Flying Dutchman from Wagner. And it is not the only … Read more

Barbara Foria tells FQMagazine: “Success came with the imitation of Serena Bortone. The worst successful character? Selvaggia Lucarelli. I would like to propose a surreal Marta Fascina”

Beyond the character there is more. The first stage for Barbara Foria it was the living room at home: Christmas poems, songs, stories told in front of relatives. A beginning like many others then love at first sight for the theatreas a child, when her parents took her to see all sorts of shows: the … Read more