Juan Manuel Gil, novelist: “There is a mistaken pomposity around the figure of writers”

Two years ago, Juan Manuel Gil received a call from a very long number. He doubted whether to take it or not, but in the end he did and there, on the other side, they told him that Clean wheat had been done with Brief Library Award 2021, which is awarded annually by the Seix … Read more

Prisma, all about the new series from the writers of Skam Italia

Starting from Wednesday 21 September 2022, the series will be available entirely on Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming platform (also visible on Sky Q and via the app on the Now Smart Stick), which will offer us a new story on the theme of Italian teenagers, after the success of Skam Italia. Here is all the … Read more

What to watch on Netflix: Dwayne Johnson does his best work in this crazy crime movie from the writers of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ based on real events

Before fully settling into one type of movie, The Rock took a chance with a complex and unsympathetic role in this hilarious film from Michael Bay. ‘Pain and money’ is among the best that both have done. A wacky crime comedy that brought together one of the most successful directors and several major movie stars, … Read more

Writers who marked Mexican literature in the 20th century

Mexican literature is often referred to as one of the most influential and important in the Spanish-speaking world. Due to its long history, it has gradually become a reference for various literary genres around the world. The most famous Mexican authors succeeded in reflecting the realities of their time: economic inequalities, political and cultural revolutions … Read more

“Swimming Pool”, by François Ozon: when writers take control of films

And if, as in the film by François Ozon broadcast this Sunday August 14 on Arte, the writers had the power to make the spectator turn in circles by cultivating the art of doubt? Elements of response in five films where scribblers and literary geniuses oscillate between reality and fiction. Sara Morton (Charlotte Rampling), a … Read more